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Documenting how in the course of acquiring language children become speakers and members of communities, The Handbook of Language Socialization is a unique reference work for an emerging and fast-moving field.

  • Spans the fields of anthropology, education, applied linguistics, and human development
  • Includes the latest developments in second and heritage language socialization, and literary and media socialization
  • Discusses socialization across the entire life span and across institutional settings, including families, schools, work places, and churches
  • Explores data from a multitude of cultures from around the world

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List of Illustrations vii

Notes on Contributors ix

Acknowledgments xiii

1 The Theory of Language Socialization 1
Elinor Ochs and Bambi B. Schieffelin

Part I Interactional Foundations 23

2 The Cultural Organization of Attention 29
Penelope Brown

3 Preverbal Infant–Caregiver Interaction 56
Akira Takada

4 Language Socialization and Multiparty Participation Frameworks 81
Lourdes De León

Part II Socialization Strategies 113

5 Rethinking Baby Talk 121
Olga Solomon

6 Local Theories of Child Rearing 150
Amy Paugh

7 Language Socialization and Shaming 169
Adrienne Lo and Heidi Fung

8 Language Socialization and Narrative 190
Peggy J. Miller, Michele Koven, and Shumin Lin

9 Language Socialization and Repetition 209
Leslie C. Moore

10 Literacy Socialization 227
Laura Sterponi

11 Language Socialization in Children’s Medical Encounters 247
Tanya Stivers

Part III Social Orientations 269

12 Language Socialization and Politeness Routines 275
Matthew Burdelski

13 Language Socialization and Stance-Taking Practices 296
Haruko Minegishi Cook

14 Language Socialization and Morality 322
Ayala Fader

15 Language Socialization and Hierarchy 341
Kathryn M. Howard

16 Peer Language Socialization 365
Marjorie H. Goodwin and Amy Kyratzis

17 Language Socialization and Exclusion 391
Inmaculada M. García-Sánchez

Part IV Aesthetics and Imagination 421

18 Language Socialization in Art and Science 425
Shirley Brice Heath

19 Language Socialization and Verbal Improvisation 443
Alessandro Duranti and Steven P. Black

20 Language Socialization and Verbal Play 464
Karin Aronsson

Part V Language and Culture Contact 485

21 Language Socialization and Language Ideologies 493
Kathleen C. Riley

22 Language Socialization and Language Shift 515
Paul B. Garrett

23 Language Socialization and Immigration 536
Patricia Baquedano-López and Ariana Mangual Figueroa

24 Second Language Socialization 564
Patricia A. Duff

25 Heritage Language Socialization 587
Agnes Weiyun He

26 Language Socialization and Language Endangerment 610
Angela M. Nonaka

27 Language Socialization and Language Revitalization 631
Debra A. Friedman

Index 648