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The Handbook of Leadership Development Evaluation



The Handbook of Leadership Development Evaluation

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With the increase in the number of organizational leadership development programs, there is a pressing need for evaluation to answer important questions, improve practice, and inform decisions. The Handbook is a comprehensive resource filled with examples, tools, and the most innovative models and approaches designed to evaluate leadership development in a variety of settings. It will help you answer the most common questions about leadership development efforts, including:
  • What difference does leadership development make?
  • What development and support strategies work best to enhance leadership?
  • Is the time and money spent on leadership development worthwhile?
  • What outcomes can be expected from leadership development?
  • How can leadership development efforts be sustained?
Foreword by Laura C. Leviton.



The Authors.

Introduction (Jennifer W. Martineau, Kelly M. Hannum, and Claire Reinelt).


1 Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Evaluations (S. Bartholomew Craig and Kelly M. Hannum).

2 Leading with Theory: Using a Theory of Change Approach for Leadership Development Evaluations (Manuel Gutiérrez and Tania Tasse).

3 EvaluLEAD: An Open-Systems Perspective on Evaluating Leadership Development (John T. Grove, Barry M. Kibel, and Taylor Haas).

4 Making Evaluation Work for the Greater Good: Supporting Provocative Possibility and Responsive Praxis in Leadership Development (Hazel Symonette).

5 Measuring Return on Investment in Leadership Development (Jack J. Phillips and Patti Phillips).


6 Building Leadership Development, Social Justice, and Social Change in Evaluation Through a Pipeline Program (Prisca M. Collins and Rodney K. Hopson).

7 From the Inside Out: Evaluating Personal Transformation Leadership Efforts (Sally Leiderman).

8 Evaluating Leadership Development and Organizational Performance (Nancy Vollmer LeMay and Alison Ellis).

9 The Importance of Local Context in Leadership Development and Evaluation (Larry Peters and John Baum).

10 Evaluating Community Leadership Programs (Teresa R. Behrens and Maenette K. P. Benham).

11 Evaluating Leadership as a Strategy to Transform Complex Systems (Kimberly Jinnett and Todd Kern).

12 Evaluating Leadership Development for Social Change (Kim Ammann Howard and Claire Reinelt).

13 Evaluating Youth Leadership Development Through Civic Activism (Hanh Cao Yu, Heather K. Lewis-Charp, and Michelle Alberti Gambone).

14 Evaluating Leadership Efforts for Neighborhood Transformation (Nilofer Ahsan).


15 Strategic Uses of Evaluation (E. Jane Davidson and Jennifer W. Martineau).

16 Evaluation for Planning and Improving Leadership Development Programs: A Framework Based on the Baldrige Education Criteria for Performance Excellence (Karl E. Umble).

17 Communication in Evaluation: A Systems Approach (Darlene F. Russ-Eft).

18 Accelerating Learning About Leadership Development: A Learning Community Approach (Deborah Meehan and Claire Reinelt).

19 Continuous Learning (Rosalie T. Torres).

Afterword: Future Directions for Leadership Development Evaluation (Kelly M. Hannum, Jennifer W. Martineau, and Claire Reinelt).

Name Index.

Subject Index.

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