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The Handbook of Municipal Bonds

The Handbook of Municipal Bonds

Sylvan G. Feldstein, Frank J. Fabozzi

ISBN: 978-0-470-10875-8

Apr 2008

1376 pages

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In The Handbook of Municipal Bonds, editors Sylvan Feldstein and Frank Fabozzi provide traders, bankers, and advisors—among other industry participants—with a well-rounded look at the industry of tax-exempt municipal bonds. Chapter by chapter, a diverse group of experienced contributors provide detailed explanations and a variety of relevant examples that illuminate essential elements of this area. With this book as your guide, you’ll quickly become familiar with both buy side and sell side issues as well as important innovations in this field.
Foreword (Christopher ""Kit"" Taylor)


About the Editors.

Contributing Authors.

Part One: The Sell Side: The Originators of Deals.

Chapter 1. The Central Place of States and Local Governments in American Federalism (Richard Briffault)

Chapter 2. An Overview of Investment Banking (Herman R. Charbonneau)

Chapter 3. Chapter 3. Role of the Financial Advisor (William H. Wood)

Chapter 4. Method of Sale in the Municipal Bond Market (Jun Peng, Kenneth A. Kriz, and Tracy Neish)

Chapter 5. The Role of Bond Counsel in Public Agency Financing (John L. Kraft)

Chapter 6. The Role of Counsel to the Underwriters (Mary G. Wilson)

Chapter 7. Summary of Federal Tax Requirements for Tax-Exempt Bonds ( Perry E. Israel)

Chapter 8. The Role of the Municipal Bond Trustee (James E. Spiotto)

Chapter 9. The Last Resort for Financially Distressed Municipalities (James E. Spiotto)

Chapter 10. Subnational Infrastructure Finance in the Emerging Markets: A Financial Guaranty Perspective (Thomas H. Cochran, Anthony Pellegrini, David Stevens, Richard Torkelson, and David White)

Chapter 11. The Role of the Rating Agencies (Edward A. Rabson)

Chapter 12. Municipal Bond Refundings (William H. Wood)

Chapter 13. Public-Private Partnerships (Robert H. Muller)

Part Two: The Sell Side: Distribution and Market-Making Roles.

Chapter 14. The Role of Underwriter (Christopher J. Mier)

Chapter 15. The Roles of Traders and Brokers (JonPaul Zaptin)

Chapter 16. Municipal Arbitrage and Tender Option Bonds (Bart Mosley)

Chapter 17. Interest Rate Swaps and Their Application to Tax-Exempt Financing (Eric H. Chu, Craig Underwood, Thomas B. Fox, Jon A. McMahon, Roger L. Davis, Stephen A. Spitz, Albert Simons III, and George G. Wolf)

Chapter 18. The Regional Firm: Its Customers, Traders, and Institutional Salespeople (Mychele Lindvall)

Chapter 19. Changing Roles of Buyers and Sellers of Municipal Bonds: One Participant's View (William J. Darusmont)

Chapter 20. The Depository Trust Company and Real-Time Price Transparency (Sylvan G. Feldstein and David Ratner)

Chapter 21. i-Deal/Ipreo: the Transaction Platform (Allen Williams)

Part Three: Compliance Issues.

Chapter 22. The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (Paul S. Maco and Jennifer Webster Taffe)

Chapter 23. The Role of the Securities and Exchange Commission (Paul S. Maco and Cristy C. Edwards)

Chapter 24. Sarbanes-Oxley and the Securities and Exchange Commission (Paul S. Maco)

Chapter 25. Using Auditing Techniques to Develop Investment Adviser Compliance Procedures (Kevin Reilly)

Chapter 26. Rule 2a-7: Legal and Research Issues for Tax-Exempt Money Market Funds 9Stephen A. Keen and Leslie K. Ross)

Part Four: Fixed Income Analysis of Municipal Products.

Chapter 27. Evaluation of Municipal Bonds (Gerard Brennan)

Chapter 28. Valuation of Municipal bonds with Embedded Options (Fr5ank J. Fabozzi, Andrew Kalotay, and Michael P. Dorigan)

Chapter 29. Analyzing and Evaluating Tax-Exempt Indexed Floaters: Investor and Issuer Perspectives (Yingchen Li)

Chapter 30. Municipal Inverse Floating Rate Securities (Cadmus Hicks)

Chapter 31. Analyzing Portfolios Daily (Paul R. Daniels)

Chapter 32. Discovering Relative Value Using Custom Indices (Daniel J. Garrett)

Chapter 33. Municipal Bond Swaps (Evan C. Rourke)

Chapter 34. The Tax Treatment of Municipal Bonds (Martin J. Mauro and Philip Fischer)

Part Five: The Buy Side: Institutional Investors.

Chapter 35. Managing a National Municipal Bond Fund (Alexander Grant)

Chapter 36. Managing a High-Yield Municipal Fund (Wayne Godlin, Jim Phillips, Bill Black, Barnet Sherman, Mark Paris, and Seth Horwitz)

Chapter 37. Managing Municipal bonds for Property and Casualty Insurance Companies for Total Return. (Karen Szerszen)

""timeless and all participants in the municipal bond market.""--The Bond Buyer