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The Handbook of Portuguese Linguistics

The Handbook of Portuguese Linguistics

W. Leo Wetzels (Editor), Sergio Menuzzi (Editor), João Costa (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-79184-4 April 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 616 Pages


The Handbook of Portuguese Linguistics presents a comprehensive overview of research within the Brazilian and European variants of the Portuguese language. It includes chapters  focusing on the  key areas of linguistic study, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, linguistic change, language variation and contact, and acquisition.
  • Essential reference work for scholars of Portuguese linguistics and Romance languages
  • Chapters  written by an international  team of research specialists  highlight both the consensus and the controversies within the various subfields of Portuguese linguistics
  • Examines Portuguese linguistics in relation to  syntax, phonology, morphology, semantics/pragmatics, acquisition, and sociolinguistics
  • Written in an accessible overview style and designed for advanced students and current scholars in the field alike
  • Essential reference work for scholars of Portuguese linguistics and Romance languages

1         History and Current Setting

Maria Teresa Brocardo and Célia Regina dos Santos Lopes

2         European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese: An Overview on Word Order

Mary Aizawa Kato and Ana Maria Martins

3         Portuguese in Contact

Ana Maria Carvalho and Dante Lucchesi

4         A Comparative Study of the Sounds of European and Brazilian Portuguese: Phonemes and Allophones

Gladis Massini]Cagliari, Luiz Carlos Cagliari, and Wayne J. Redenbarger

5.        Phonological Processes Affecting Vowels: Neutralization, Harmony, and Nasalization

Leda Bisol and João Veloso

6.        Syllable Structure

Gisela Collischonn and W. Leo Wetzels

7.        Main Stress and Secondary Stress in Brazilian and European Portuguese

José Magalhães

8.        The Phonology–Syntax Interface

Raquel S. Santos and Marina Vigário

9.        Intonation in European and Brazilian Portuguese

Sónia Frota and João Antônio de Moraes

10.     The Phonology and Morphology of Word Formation

Alina Villalva and Carlos Alexandre Gonçalves

11.     The Morphology and Phonology of Inflection

Luiz Carlos Schwindt and W. Leo Wetzels

12.     Clitic Pronouns: Phonology, Morphology, and Syntax

Ana R. Luís and Georg A. Kaiser

13.     The Null Subject Parameter and the Structure of the Sentence in European and Brazilian Portuguese

Inês Duarte and Maria Cristina Figueiredo Silva

14.     The Structure of DPs

Ana Maria Brito and Ruth E. V. Lopes

15.     Wh]movement: Interrogatives, Relatives and Clefts

Carlos Mioto and Maria Lobo

16.     Null Objects and VP Ellipsis in European and Brazilian Portuguese

Sonia Cyrino and Gabriela Matos

17.     Passives and Se Constructions

Ana Maria Martins and Jairo Nunes

18.     Binding and Pronominal Forms in Portuguese

Sergio Menuzzi and Maria Lobo

19.     The Semantics of DPs

Marcelo Barra Ferreira and Clara Nunes Correia

20.     Lexical Semantics: Verb Classes and Alternations

Márcia Cançado and Anabela Gonçalves

21.     Tense and Aspect: A Survey

Rodolfo Ilari, Maria Fátima Oliveira, and Renato Miguel Basso

22.     Mood and Modality

Rui Marques and Roberta Pires de Oliveira

23.     Some Issues in Negation in Portuguese

Scott A. Schwenter

24.     Discourse Markers

Ana Cristina Macário Lopes

25.     From Latin to Portuguese: Main Phonological Changes

D. Eric Holt

26.     Main Morphosyntactic Changes and Grammaticalization Processes

Célia Regina dos Santos Lopes and Maria Teresa Brocardo

27.     Main Syntactic Changes from a Principle]and]Parameters View

Charlotte Galves and Anthony Kroch

28.     Main Current Processes of Phonological Variation

Celeste Rodrigues and Dermeval da Hora

29.     Main Current Processes of Morphosyntactic Variation

Maria Marta Pereira Scherre and Maria Eugênia Lammoglia Duarte

30.     Acquisition of Phonology

Giovana Ferreira]Gonçalves and Maria João Freitas

31.     Acquisition of Portuguese Syntax

João Costa and Ruth E. V. Lopes

32.     Second Language Acquisition

Ana Madeira