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The Hands-on Guide to Imaging

The Hands-on Guide to Imaging

David C. Howlett, Brian Ayers

ISBN: 978-0-470-75301-9

Feb 2008

240 pages


This brand new text, is an essential practical guide for junior doctors and medical students making the transition from medical school to life on the wards. .

'I think that this book is an excellent idea.' 4th year medical student

The hands-on guide to imaging takes a systems focused approach and is very easy to consult when on the job. Written to help you get the most of your Radiology department, this book gives you:

  • Pointers on how to evaluate the appropriate Radiology required
  • Reference on patient care and preparation
  • Guidance on analysing results and patient feedback
  • Advice on following the correct procedures
  • The best information about imaging techniques
  • 150 detailed images
  • Help on how to deal effectively with the Radiology department
  • Health and Safety advice
  • Hints on how to organise paperwork and work through the mass of hospital forms
  • Details on how to manage budgets effectively
  • A quick reference, pocket-sized reassurance

This book intends to help you understand the practical issues that aren't taught at Medical School. Why not see for yourself how it can help you?

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Chapter 1 Making Best Use of the Radiology Department.

Chapter 2 Imaging Techniques.

Chapter 3 Respiratory system.

Chapter 4 Cardiovascular System.

Chapter 5 The Upper Gastrointestinal Tract.

Chapter 6 The Lower Gastrointestinal Tract.

Chapter 7 Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Imaging.

Chapter 8 The Breast.

Chapter 9 Musculoskeletal System.

Chapter 10 The Neck.

Chapter 11 The Urogenital Tract.

Chapter 12 Central Nervous System.


  • Covers a wide spectrum of imaging modalities that junior doctors are likely to encounter and use on the wards.
  • Covers the role of imaging in diagnosing and managing a variety of common conditions
  • Chapters will take a systems based approach,
  • High quality illustrations cover all commonly encountered medical and surgical conditions
  • Identifies the practical issues of imaging
  • Includes a section on how to get the best out of your local Radiology dept and how to prepare patients for imaging.
  • Written in a reader-friendly style with good use of bullet points and key facts
  • Pocket-sized and affordable