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The Harvey Lectures Series 93, 1997-1998


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The Harvey Lectures Series 93, 1997-1998


This is the latest volume in the distinguished Harvey Lectures, which provides a topical overview of recent trends in the biomedical sciences.
Genetic Analysis of Interferon and Other Mammalian Signaling Pathways (G. Stark).

Form From Function in Visual System Development (C. Shatz).

Genes and Genomes (E. Lander).

Signals for Tissue Induction and Organ Formation in Vertebrate Embryos (D. Melton).

Probing the Intracellular Life of Bacteria (S. Falkow).

DNA and RNA Polymerases: Structural Diversity and Common Mechanisms (T. Steitz).

In Vitro Selection and Directed Evolution (J. Szostak).

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