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The Healing Journey Through Divorce: Your Journal of Understanding and Renewal

The Healing Journey Through Divorce: Your Journal of Understanding and Renewal

Phil Rich, Lita Linzer Schwartz

ISBN: 978-0-471-29575-4 January 1999 264 Pages


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A source of support and expert guidance through a difficult lifepassage

Like a wise and comforting companion, this unique journal can helpyou to understand and work through those feelings of anger, fear,confusion, remorse, grief, and hopelessness that come along withthe breakup of a marriage. The evocative writing exercisesthroughout The Healing Journey Through Divorce will provide youwith the calm psychological space you need to collect yourthoughts, sort out and reflect upon your feelings, and regain yourbearings so that you can get on with the business of forging a newlife for yourself and your loved ones. You will find The HealingJourney Through Divorce a valuable travel companion on your path toa fulfilling life.

"I heartily recommend this book. [It] provides the reader withuseful, thought-provoking exercises to help navigate the difficultemotional journey of divorce." --Marc J. Ackerman, PhD Author ofDoes Wednesday Mean Mom's House or Dad's?: Parenting Together WhileLiving Apart

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Embarking On Your Journey.

A Road Map Through Divorce.

Destination: Dealing with the Decision.

Destination: Adjusting to Loss.

Destination: Restoring Self-Esteem.

Destination: Finding Support.

Destination: Handling the Practicalities.

Destination: Helping the Children.

Destination: Dealing with Emotions.

Destination: Good Health.

Destination: Making Civil Peace.

Destination: Redefining Relationships.

Destination: Seeing with New Eyes.

Destination: Reinventing Yourself.

Destination: Moving On.

As One Journey Ends, Another Begins.

Helpful Books.

About the Authors.