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The Heart and Lung in Obesity

The Heart and Lung in Obesity

Martin A. Alpert (Editor), James K. Alexander (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-879-93685-3 June 1998 Wiley-Blackwell 253 Pages


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This unique book is the first to focus on the cardiovascular effects of obesity. The authors present and integrate relevant literature from such disparate areas as endocrinology/metabolism, surgery, biochemistry, and physiology.

Among the topics covered are:

  • The effects of obesity on myocardial metabolism, morphology and function
  • An in-depth analysis of the evolution of obesity cardiomyopathy
  • Obesity's interrelationship with sleep disordered breathing
  • The effects of weight loss on obesity-related cardiopulmonary abnormalities
  • Obesity and coronary artery disease

This last topic has seldom if ever been so comprehensively reviewed. Indeed, the entire text provides the most in-deth critical analysis yet of how obesity affects the heart and lung and is hence recommended for anyone working in the field of obesity or providing medical care to obese patients.


M.A. Alpert, J.K. Alexander.

1. Historical Notes.

J.K. Alexander.

2. Effect of Obesity on Myocardial Metabolism, Morphology, and Function in the Obese (fa/fa) Zucker Rat.

S.W. Schaffer.

3. Cardiac Morphology and Obesity in Man.

M.A. Alpert, J.K. Alexander.

4. Hemodynamic Alterations with Obesity in Man.

J.K. Alexander, M.A. Alpert.

5. Obesity and Ventricular Function in Man: Diastolic Function.

S. Chakko, M.A. Alpert, J.K. Alexander.

6. Obesity and Ventricular Function in Man: Systolic Function.

M.A. Alpert, J.K. Alexander, S. Chakko.

7. Obesity, Hypertension, and the Heart.

E. Reisin, M.E. Cook.

8. Obesity and Pulmonary Function.

D.F. Rochester.

9. Pathogenesis and Clinical Manifestations of Obesity Cardiomyopathy.

J.K. Alexander, M.A. Alpert.

10. Obesity and Sleep-Disordered Breathing.

S.M. Koeing, M.P. Suratt.

11. Treatment of Obesity Cardiomyopathy.

M.A. Alpert, J.K. Alexander.

12. Obesity and Coronary Heart Disease.

J.K. Alexander.



"I believe that the authors have achieved their objective, which was to present a critical, up-to-date, and comprehensive review of the effects of obesity on the heart and lung."

--Texas Heart Institute Journal

"The summaries are eminently readable and contain concise, relevant, and useful information. Therefore, I see the textbook’s best value for those desiring an in-depth knowledge regarding obesity or alternatively as a resource for people seeking accurate, concise data that addresses specific problems in clinical care of these difficult problems."


"Dietitians who work with severely obese patients will find much valuable information in this book."

--Journal of the American Dietetic Association

"The Heart and Lung in Obesity is an initial step towards a more comprehensive text devoted to this topic. It will certainly appeal to internists and cardiologists with an interest in the cardiorespiratory management of the morbidly obese adult."

--Pediatric Pulmonology

"This textbook is recommended without reservation."

--Canadian Journal of Cardiology

"This book is readable and well organized. It will primarily interest clinical investigators working in the field of obesity, but will also be a useful resource for clinicians managing obese patients--cardiologists and pulmonologists in particular."

--Obesity Matters

* a critical and comprehensive review of the cardiopulmonary effects of obesity!