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The Hegel Reader

The Hegel Reader

Stephen Houlgate (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-20346-9

Oct 1998, Wiley-Blackwell

568 pages

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The Hegel Reader is the most comprehensive collection of Hegel's writings currently available in English.


General Introduction.

Part I: Early Writings:.


1. The Earliest System-Programme of German Idealism.

2. Love.

3. Fragment of a System.

4. The Difference Between Fichte's and Schelling's System of Philosophy: The Need of Philosophy.

Part II: Phenomenology of Spirit:.


5. Phenomenology of Spirit: Preface.

6. Phenomenology of Spirit: Introduction.

7. Phenomenology of Spirit: Consciousness. Sense-certainty.

8. Phenomenology of Spirit: Self-consciousness.

9. Phenomenology of Spirit: Spirit. Absolute Freedom and Terror.

10. Phenomenology of Spirit: Spirit. Absolute Knowing.

Part III: Logic:.


11. Encyclopaedia Logic: Introduction.

12. Encyclopaedia Logic: Preliminary Conception.

13. Science of Logic: Introduction.

14. Science of Logic: With What Must the Science Begin?.

15. Science of Logic: Doctrine of Being.

16. Science of Logic: Doctrine of Essence.

17. Science of Logic: Doctrine of the Notion [Concept].

Part IV: Philosophy of Nature and Philosophy of Subjective Spirit:.


18. Philosophy of Nature: Introduction.

19. Philosophy of Nature: Mechanics. Space and Time.

20. Philosophy of Nature: Organics. The Animal Organism.

21. Philosophy of Spirit: Introduction.

22. Philosophy of Subjective Spirit: Anthropology and Phenomenology of Spirit.

23. Philosophy of Subjective Spirit: Psychology.

Part V: Philosophy of Objective Spirit: Philosophy of Right and Philosophy of History:.


24. Philosophy of Right: Preface and Introduction.

25. Philosophy of Right: Abstract Right and Morality.

26. Philosophy of Right: Ethical Life.

27. Philosophy of History: Introduction.

Part VI: Philosophy of Absolute Spirit: Aesthetics, Philosophy of Religion and History of Philosophy:.


28. Aesthetics: The Ideal.

29. Aesthetics: The Particular Forms of Art.

30. Aesthetics: Tragedy, Comedy and Drama.

31. Philosophy of Religion: Preface and the Consummate Religion.

32. History of Philosophy: Introduction.



"Stephen Houlgate has produced what is, without question, the most comprehensive and useful selection of Hegel texts yet. Not only has he provided generous selections from the whole range of Hegel's output, from the early writings through the mature system, but somehow he has also managed to include nearly every passage that has become important to later philosophers from Marx and Feuerbach through Heidegger, Adorno, Derrida and Deleuze. Add to this Houlgate's splendid introduction in which he lucidly outlines the fundamental gestures of Hegel's thought as radicalising and completing Kant's project for a critical philosophy, and one has a one-volume 'Hegel' that will deservedly dominate the field for years to come." J. M. Bernstein, Vanderbilt University

"Houlgate's collection is the best and most thoughtful assembly of Hegel's key writings in one volume to date. In some ways, this is the 'encyclopaedic' presentation of Hegel's thought that Hegel should have collected himself instead of the Encyclopaedia that he actually wrote." Terry Pinkard, Georgetown University

* The most comprehensive collection of Hegel's writings currently available in English.
* Contains a clear and helpful general introduction and short introductions to each part.
* A comprehensive bibliography includes a list of almost all the available English translations of Hegel's works.