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The Huddled Masses: The Immigrant in American Society, 1880 - 1921, 2nd Edition

The Huddled Masses: The Immigrant in American Society, 1880 - 1921, 2nd Edition

Alan M. Kraut

ISBN: 978-0-882-95934-4

Jan 2001, Wiley-Blackwell

267 pages

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In the two decades since the first edition of this tremendously successful book appeared, a vast scholarship undertaken by historians, sociologists, economists, and cultural anthropologists has altered the contours of American immigration history, challenging scholars to rethink long-held perspectives.

Insights derived from these diverse sources enrich the second edition of this popular text and have prompted important changes in emphasis and interpretation. Thoughtfully written to help student readers appreciate the varied pre- and post-migration experiences of the many groups and individuals who came to, and came to shape, the United States during this busy period, The Huddled Masses is essential reading for all enrolled in the United States history survey as well as specialized courses in Immigration and Ethnic Studies.

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Foreword vii

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction 1

Chapter One Emigration: A Matter of Change and Choice 15

Chapter Two The Journey and the Reception 52

Chapter Three Smokestacks and Pushcarts: Work and Mobility in Industrial America 86

Chapter Four Integrating the Immigrant in City and Countryside: Newcomer and Nation Transformed 126

Chapter Five Nativism and the End of Unlimited Entry 173

Chapter Six Conclusion 214

Bibliographical Essay 227

Index 259


Decennial Immigration to the United States, 1890-1919 34

Decennial Immigration to the United States From China and Japan, 1880-1929 40

Photographs follow page 172