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The Human Impact Reader: Readings and Case Studies



The Human Impact Reader: Readings and Case Studies

Andrew S. Goudie

ISBN: 978-0-631-19981-6 October 1997 Wiley-Blackwell 496 Pages

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This is a multidisciplinary collection of thirty nine key articles concerned with the human impact on the natural environment.
Preface: The Human Impact: A Developing Literature.


Part I: Geomorphological and Surface Impacts: Introduction.

1. Man's Impact on Shorelines and Nearshore Environments: A Geomorphological Perspective: H. J. Walker.

2. Land Subsidence: A Worldwide Environmental Hazard: L. Carbognin.

3. Reservoirs and Earthquakes: R. B. Meade.

4. Human Influence Upon Sedimentation in Llangorse Lake, Wales: R. Jones, K. Benson-Evans and F. M. Chambers.

5. Soil Conservation in the Coon Creek Basin, Wisconsin: S. W. Trimble and S. W. Lund.

Part II: Soil Impacts: Introduction.

6. Framework for Man-Made Soil Changes - an Outline of Metapedogenesis: D. H. Yaalon and B. Yaron.

7. Salinization: New Perspectives on a Major Desertification Issue: D. S. G. Thomas and N. J. Middleton.

8. Salinization of Non-Irrigated Soils and Associated Streams: A Review: A. J. Peck.

9. Land Use and Soil Erosion in Prehistoric and Historical Greece: T. H. Van Andel and E. Zangger.

10. Soil Erosion in Britain: A Review: J. Boardman and R. Evans.

Part III: Water Impacts: Introduction.

11. Desiccation of the Aral Sea: A Water Management Disaster in the Soviet Union: P. P. Micklin.

12. Lowering of a Shallow, Saline Water Table by Extensive Eucalypt Reforestation: M. A. Bari and N. J. Schofield.

13. Nutrient Loss Accelerated by Clear-Cutting of a Forest Ecosystem: F. H. Bormann, G. E. Likens, D. W. Fisher and R. S. Fisher.

14. Effects of Construction on Fluvial Sediment, Urban and Suburban Areas of Maryland: M. G. Wolman and A. P. Schick.

15. Rain, Roads, Roof and Runoff: Hydrology in Cities: G. E. Hollis.

16. Farming and Nitrate Pollution: T. P. Burt and N. E. Haycock.

17. Diatom and Chemical Evidence for Reversibility of Acidification of Scottish Lochs: R. W. Battarbee, R. J. Flower, A. C. Stevenson, V. J. Jones, R. Harrison and P. G. Appleby.

18. Lake Acidification in Galloway: A Palaeoecological Test of Competing Hypotheses: R. W. Battarbee, R. J. Flower, A. C. Stevenson and B. Rippey.

Part IV: Climatic and Atmospheric Impacts: Introduction.

19. Man-Made Climatic Changes: H. E. Landsberg.

20. Climatic Impact of Increasing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide: J. Hansen, D. Johnson, A. Lacis, S. Lededeff, P. Lee and G. Russell.

21. Atmospheric Methane: Trends over the Last 10,000 Years: M. A. K. Khalil and R. A. Rasmussen.

22. Possible Climatic Change due to Sulphur Dioxide-Derived Cloud Condensation Nuclei: T. M. L. Wigley.

23. Possible Climatic Impacts of Tropical Deforestation: E. Salati and C. N. Nobre.

24. Large Losses of Total Ozone in Antarctica Reveal Seasonal C1Ox/NOx Interactions: J. C. Farman, B. G. Gardener and J. D. Sharklin.

25. Chlorofluorocarbons and the Depletion of Stratospheric Ozone: F. S. Rowland.

26. Biomass Burning in the Tropics: Impacts on Atmospheric Chemistry and Biogeochemical Cycles: P. J. Crutzen and M. O. Andrea.

27. Acid Rain: A Serious Regional Environmental Problem: G. E. Likens and F. H. Bormann.

28. Decrease in Anthropogenic Lead, Cadmium and Zinc in Greenland Snows Since the Late 1960s: C. F. Boutron, U. Gorlach, J. P. Candelone, M. A. Bolshow and R. J. Delmas.

Part V: Biological Impacts: Introduction.

29. Habitat Fragmentation in the Temperate Zone: D. S. Wilcove, C. H. McLellan, and A. P. Dobson.

30. The Effects of Deforestation in Amazonia: H. Sioli.

31. Rates of Deforestation in the Humid Tropics: Estimates and Measurements: A. Grainger.

32. Wetland Loss in Louisiana: H. J. Walker, J. M. Coleman, H. H. Roberts and R. S. Tye.

33. Coral Reefs - A Challenging Ecosystem for Human Societies: B. Salvat.

34. Is Desertification a Myth?: T. Binns.

35. Large Herbivorous Mammals: Exotic Species in Northern Australia: W. J. Freeland.

36. Chlorinated Hydrocarbons and Eggshell Changes in Raptorial and Fish-Eating Birds: J. J. Hickey and O. W. Anderson.

37. Forest Decline and Acidic Deposition: L. F. Pitelka and D. J. Raynal.

38. The Biodiversity Challenge: Expanded Hotspots Analysis: N. Myers.

Part VI: Conclusion: Introduction.

39. The Human Species: A Suicidal Success: C. Tickell.


"The reader will gain a broader knowledge of ecology, a greater appreciation for research efforts, and better understand the complexities underlying present environmental problems from reading this interesting compendium." Margaret A. Aycock, Lamar University

  • Introductions to the book and to each part.

  • Most prominent scientist in this field.

  • Contents chosen with advice from prominent US scientists.