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The Human Side of Change: A Practical Guide to Organization Redesign

The Human Side of Change: A Practical Guide to Organization Redesign

Timothy J. Galpin

ISBN: 978-0-787-98005-4

Sep 2005, Jossey-Bass

176 pages



Even the most carefully planned organizational changes can fail if individuals are not taken into consideration. The Human Side of Change is a step-by-step action plan for the change process that takes full advantage of an organization's greatest resource: its people. From planning to implementation to behavior change, Timothy J. Galpin shows how a well-orchestrated approach--one that pays attention to the soft side
aspects of the process--can make the difference between change for the better and no change at all.

Drawing on a decade of consulting experience with businesses and governments around the world, Timothy J. Galpin outlines a nine-step process for effectively combining the human and technical sides of change for successful mergers, downsizing, and restructuring. The Human Side of Change offers managers, frontline supervisors and human resource professionals valuable tools, techniques, and examples to help them gain support for change at all levels of an organization. With numerous charts, graphs, and a glossary of change-management terms, this book is both an ideal blueprint and an accessible quick reference for the implementation of stable and sustained transformation.
Introduction: The Change Management Process.


Teams: Building the Infrastructure for Effective Change.

Communications: Beating the Grapevine with an Open Two-Way Strategy.

Culture: Managing All the Components.

Leadership: Developing the Key Attributes for Leading Change.


Set Goals.

Measure Performance.

Provide Feedback and Coaching.

Be Generous with Rewards and Recognition.

Conclusion: The Tough Questions of Change Management.

Appendixes: The Change Managers Toolkit.

Appendix A. Strategic Toolkit.

Appendix B. Implementation Toolkit.

Appendix C. Glossary of Terms.

Appendix D. Recommended Readings.
"Managing the human factor will be the next real competitive advantage. Tim Galpin provides a practical, useful guide that should be required reading for all engaged in organizational change." (Tenia A. Modic, principal, Western Investments Company)