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The IMS Source Book: Guide to the International Magnetospheric Study Data Analysis

The IMS Source Book: Guide to the International Magnetospheric Study Data Analysis

C. T. Russell (Editor), David J. Southwood (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66494-0 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 294 Pages


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Special Publications Series.

The International Magnetospheric Study, or IMS, was an international program under the auspices of SCOSTEP in which a coordinated effort was made to understand magnetospheric processes. The active phase of the IMS, during which data were gathered, ran from 1976 to 1979 with the different data gathering efforts coming on line at various times during this period. Although there were many national programs devoted to the IMS the coordination between countries was principally at the level of the participating scientists rather than at the level of the bureaucracy. This aspect of the IMS had its advantages and its disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that there is no coordinated system for reporting of the IMS results, either with regard to the data gathering effort, the workshops devoted to these data or the scientific results of the IMS. It is in an attempt to introduce some order in this chaos we have compiled the papers in this book. We hope that the book serves both the active researcher involved heavily in the IMS from the beginning and those who would like to gain entry into the IMS study effort. For while the active data gathering phase is over, the data analysis phase has just begun and there is much to do with the data.

Preface vii

I. IMS Satellites

Data from ISEE-3 for the IMS Period
T.T. yon Bosenvinge 1

Availability of IMP-7 and IMP-8 Data for the IMS Period
Joseph H. King  10

Data from ISEE-1 for the IMS Period
Keith W. Ogilvie 21

The International Sun Earth Explorer Mission ISEE/2
Vittorio Formisano  27

Data from PROGNOZ-7 (The PROMICS-1 Experiment)
R. Lundin, B. Hultqfist, N. Pissarenko and A. Zackarof Particle  37

The Availability of GEOS Data for IMS Research
K. Knott 43

Geostationary Satellites ATS-6 and SMS/GOES: Description, Position, and Data Availability During the IMS
Theodore A. Fritz and Carlene Arthur Neeley 53

Description of P78-2 (SCATHA) Satellite and Experiments
J.F. Fennell  65

The Los Alamos Synchronous Orbit Data Set
D.H. Baker, P.B. Higbie, B.D. Belian, E.W. Hones, Jr., and B.W. Klebesadel 82

S3-3 Satellite Instrumentation and Data
C. A. Cattell  91

Space Environment Monitoring by Low-Altitude Operational Satellites
H.W. Kroehl 99

The AE Mission During the IMS
N.W. Spencer  106

MAGSAT Data Availability
B. A. Langel 109

The Satellite Situation Center
M. J. Teague, D.M. Sawyer, and J.L Vette 112

II. Ground Based Observations

IMS Ground Observations on Optical Aurora and Ionospheric Absorption Made in
Noxthern Europe, with Examples of Data Handling
Risto Pellinen 117

Examples of Multi-Instrumental Studies on Auroral Phenomena
Risto Pellinen, Wolfgang Baumjohann, and Erling Nielsen  124

Magnetometer Networks in Northern Europe
Wolfgang Baumjohann 134

The Array of Magnetometers Operated in N.W. Europe
W. F. Stuart 141

SBARMO-79: A Multi-Balloon Campaign in the Auroral  Zone
P. Tanslcanen, J. B]ordal, L.P. Block, K. Bronstad, A. Egeland, T. Holtet, L Ifersen, J. Kangas, G. Kremser, M.M. Madsen, T. Moe, J. Niskanen, W. Biedler, H. Slamanig, J. Stadsnes, K.H. Saeger, E. Thrane, and S. Ullaland  153

High Latitude North American Networks Operative During the IMS
Gordon Bostoker  159

Midlatitude Magnetometer Chains During the IMS
B. L. McPherron 170

Research at United States Antarctic Stations During the IMS
T. J. Rosenberg  182

IMS Results in Antarctica
Takesi Nagata and Takeo Hirasawa 188

Antarctic Observations Available for IMS Correlative Analyses
Michael J. Rycroft 196

Geophysical Observations in Greenland During the IMS
E. Friis-Christensen   211

The STARE System and Some of its Applications
Erling Nielsen  213

Radar Measurements During the IMS
Bichard B. Vondrak Chatanika 225

Worldwide Incoherent Scatter Radar Measurements
M. J. Baron  230

III. IMS Workshops

The Origin and Evolution of the Coordinated Data Analysis Workshop Process
J.L Vette, D.M. Sawyer, M.J. Teague, and D.J. Hei, Jr.  235

Status of IMS Workshqps-CDAW2: July 1977 Events
R.H. Manka, T.A. Fritz, R.G. JohnsonR, .A. Wolf, M.J. Teague, and J.L Vette  246

The July 29, 1977 Magnetic Storm:O bservationsN ear the Magnetopause at the Sudden Storm
K. Knott 256

The July 29, 1977 Magnetic Storm:O bservationsM odeling of Energetic Particles at Synchronous Orbit
D.N. Baker, T.A. Fritz and B. Wilken  259

ISEE Work on Collisionless Shocks: CDAW3: The Meeting and the Results
Keith W. Ogilvie   264

ISEE-Magnetopause Observations: Workshop Results
Gotz Paschmann  272

Summary of European IMS Workshops
K. Knott and R. Pellinen  285

Appendix 291