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The IT Value Network: From IT Investment to Stakeholder Value

The IT Value Network: From IT Investment to Stakeholder Value

Tony J. Read

ISBN: 978-0-470-42279-3

Oct 2009

316 pages

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Learn to measure and manage the real value of IT investment and spending

IT investments are becoming more than just business enablers or assets on the books; they provide capability that can drive the business. Thought leadership should migrate towards information investment, getting a bigger bang for the buck from the 'I' in IT and from the 'I' in CIO.

The IT Value Network: From IT Investment to Stakeholder Economic Value incorporates new emerging decision support methods, such as real options, which are considered to complement traditional financial measures. Organizational and informational economic based techniques are also incorporated to manage and assess IT investments, including the balanced scorecard (BSC), and investment and portfolio management; in addition to coverage of IT key performance indicators and competitive benchmarking.

Selected as a top 10 best IT-Business book for 2009 by CIO Insight  - Praises for The IT Value Network: From IT Investment to Stakeholder Value

"This is probably the best 'up-to-date' executive information management resource since Strassmann's works of fifteen years ago. Tony Read provides a comprehensive and insightful assessment of the state of IT investment and the value of various technologies and information management in the modern enterprise. For corporate executives trying to navigate this rapidly changing landscape, this book is highly recommended."
—Paul A. Brinkley, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (U.S.) for Business Transformation Agency

"Managing technology investments with a value-based approach just works—it has provided significant stakeholder value at Indigo. This book is a must-read for both IT and business managers who want to improve the return on their IT investments."
—Michael Serbinis, President, Shortcovers, CIO & EVP, Indigo Books & Music Inc.

"Difficulty proving the business value of IT remains a key barrier to IT executives. IT Value Network provides a clear road map to chief information officers interested in moving beyond simply aligning business and technology strategies. It is a must-read for IT executives who wish to become true partners to the business."
—Gary Beach, Publisher Emeritus, CIO magazine

"This book is a complete study of how value is derived and measured from IT investments. All IT strategy professionals should read it and have access to it. I strongly recommend it."
—Ali Hamza, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

"IT spending continues to climb, but IT value is invariably left on the table. Tony's new book will enlighten both the practitioner and academic to new approaches and techniques for capturing and realizing stakeholder economic value—with a great perspective to sustaining competitive advantage or as the book promotes network advantage, across the firm's value system."
—Edward Lieblein, PhD, Dean and Professor, Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences, Nova Southeastern University

"Tony Read's book provides excellent insight and strategies for maximizing shareholder return from IT investments. The book gives a timely response to the challenges every CIO and CFO face in the current economic environment. It is now more important than ever to demonstrate IT return on investment and this book is a valuable aid for Cx's looking to leverage every IT dollar to secure maximum business return"
—Albert R. Hitchcock, CIO, Vodafone Group

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CHAPTER 1 IT Investment.

Sticker Shock.

Six Decades of IT Investment.

IT Investment Trends.

IT Investment Classification: The Four "S" Category Model.

Future IT Investment.

CHAPTER 2 Conventional IT Valuation.

Bottom Line.

Maximizing Shareholder Value.

Conventional Asset Valuation.

Challenging Conventional Norms.

Lost Value.

CHAPTER 3 Banking Value.

Financial Services Industry Global IT Investment.

North American Banking Industry.

North American Banking Market Challenges.

Banking Industry IT Value Observations.

NA Bank Case: IT Investment Observations.


CHAPTER 4 IT Value Network Measurement.

Identifying Investment.

Justifying Investment.

Prioritizing Investment.

Selecting Investment.

Performance of Investment.

Realizing Value from Investment.

CHAPTER 5 IT Value Network Measures: Financial-Based Methods.

Traditional Financial and Accounting Techniques.

Emerging Financial Techniques.

Emerging Decision-Support Techniques.

Value-Creation Business Case.

CHAPTER 6 IT Value Network Measures: Organization-Based Methods.

Conventional Planning Techniques.

Emerging Organizational Management Techniques.

Emerging Information Economics Techniques.

CHAPTER 7 Triangulating IT Investment Value.

Value Index and Value Lenses.

IT Value Portfolio.


CHAPTER 8 IT Value Network Management.

Value Capture.

Value Enabling.

Value Optimization.

Value Realization.

CHAPTER 9 First Degree of IT Value.

Value System.

Process and System Improvement.

CHAPTER 10 Second Degree of IT Value.

Strategic Planning.

Portfolio Governance.

CHAPTER 11 Third Degree of IT Value.

IT Systems and Infrastructure Capability and Capacity.

Organization and People Capability and Capacity.

CHAPTER 12 Fourth Degree of IT Value.

Program and Project Management.

System Management.

CHAPTER 13 Fifth Degree of IT Value.

Service Management.

Information Management.

CHAPTER 14 Sixth Degree of IT Value.

Networked Value Management.



Challenge: Strategic IT Investment Alignment.

Solution: The IT Value Network.

Impact: IT Investment Redirection for Higher Value Capture.

CHAPTER 16 Nortel Networks.

Challenge: Speed of Market Change.

Solution: The IT Value Network.

Impact: IT Reorganization and Improved Capability for Value Enabling.

CHAPTER 17 Indigo Books & Music.

Challenge: Project Management.

Solution: The IT Value Network.

Impact: Project Management Office for Value Optimization.

CHAPTER 18 NA Credit Union.

Challenge: Credit Union Merger.

Solution: The IT Value Network.

Impact: Successful Bank Integration for Value Realization.


CHAPTER 19 Forward Thinking.

Value Networks.

Value Systems.

Value Options.

Maximizing Stakeholder Economic Value.

CHAPTER 20 Connecting the Dots.

IT Value Network Maturity Model.

IT Value Network Checklist.

Collaboration for Network Advantage.

Value IT.



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