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The Image-Interface: Graphical Supports for Visual Information

The Image-Interface: Graphical Supports for Visual Information

Everardo Reyes-Garcia

ISBN: 978-1-119-47497-5

Oct 2017, Wiley-ISTE

288 pages



The digital screen can be considered as the principal surface to represent digital information. The represented information is materially determined by the arrangement of pixels displayed on the raster grid. However, such arrangements depend on formal graphical rules. In this book we explore the relationship between software and screen as the underlying dimension where visual interfaces take form. Before any digital image is rendered there is a series of layers that affect its visual properties. From this perspective, it is necessary to investigate software, graphical user interfaces, programming code, and data types in their relationship with graphical outcomes and design possibilities.

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1. Introduction

2. Layers of the expression plane: semiotics and substance

3. Foundations of graphical information

4. Production of graphical representations

5. Images and visual interfaces

6. Visual hacking

7. Conclusion