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The Innovation Playbook: A Revolution in Business Excellence

The Innovation Playbook: A Revolution in Business Excellence

Nicholas J. Webb, Chris Thoen (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-0-470-91689-6

Aug 2010

256 pages



A complete roadmap to a revolution in business excellence founded on innovation

Author and successful innovator Nicholas Webb believes we need a revolution in business excellence founded on innovation. In The Innovation Playbook, you will learn why innovations fail, the five rules of customer connectivity, the power of ""real open"" innovation and customer co-creation, the secret formula for reducing product and market risk, the magic of Future-casting, and so much more.

  • Includes an abundance of anecdotes and examples of successful-and unsuccessful-innovation
  • Shares the 56 ways in which innovations fail
  • Learn the success secrets of ""Innovation Superstars""
  • Reduce innovation failure and build speed to market

Includes online training a ($150.00 value) that will help you put the theory into practice, The Innovation Playbook will prepare you to get your CIS Certification, as well as to implement a successful innovation culture in corporate life.




Still Crazy about Innovation—After All These Years.

Becoming an Innovation Superstar.

Plays in The Innovation Playbook.


Chapter 1 The New Economy: Different for Good.

A Better Beer, a Better Burger.

Would You Like Something to Drink?

The Darkest Hour.

Not Your Father's Economy.

The Great Recession: A Tipping Point.

Beginning of the End, or End of the Beginning?

Failure Is Not an Option.

Chapter Takeaways.

Chapter 2 The Wheels Keep Falling Off.

56 Reasons Why.

Getting to Ten.

Nick's Pick #1: The Wrong Focus.

Nick's Pick #2: Lack of Sponsorship.

Nick's Pick #3: Process Driven to the Hilt.

Nick's Pick #4: A Risk Centered Process.

Nick's Pick #5: Customer Be Damned.

Nick's Pick #6: No Resource Commitment.

Nick's Pick #7: Bail, Don't Fail.

Nick's Pick #8: Not Really Open.

Nick's Pick #9: Innovation Socialism.

Nick's Pick #10: Lack of Systemic Innovation.

It's Not Always about Money.

When Process Takes Over: What's Wrong with Innovation Management Systems?

Chapter Takeaways.

Chapter 3 The Danger of Safety.

Play the Game to Win.

The Fear of Failure.

Keepers of the Magic Lexicon.

IBWA—Innovation by Walking Around.

The System and the Solution.

The Attack of the Organizational Antibodies.

Diffusing the Bomb.

Fire in the Belly.

A Short Primer on Smart Risk.

Chapter Takeaways.

Chapter 4 What's Mything in Innovation Today.

Myth #1: “If You Build a Better Mousetrap, Will They Beat a Path to your Door?”

Myth #2: “But I AM Connected to My Customers.”

Myth #3: “Open is the Answer.”

Myth #4: “The Product is the Technology.”

Freudian Slips: Psychoanalyzing Your Company's Innovation.

Time for Transition.

Chapter Takeaways.


Chapter 5 Anatomy of an Innovation Superstar.

What Does it Mean To Be an Innovation “Superstar?”

Bones of an Innovation Superstar: Customer, Process, Culture.

Dissecting the Anatomy.

Does “Fixing the Culture” Make You a Superstar?

The Customer Anatomy.

The Process Anatomy.

The Culture Anatomy.

The Right Team.

Chapter Takeaways.

Chapter 6 Creating Net Customer Value.

One More Time: Invention and Innovation.

What is Net Customer Value?

Customer Value in Tiers.

The Innovation Cycle and the Customer Experience.

Finding the Soul of the Customer: Using Experiential Sliders.

The Webb Triangle.

A Darwinistic Approach to Net Customer Value.

Chapter Takeaways.

Chapter 7 Carpet Time.

How to Do Carpet Time.

Carpet Time for Adults.

Making the Most of Carpet Time.

Carpet Time Tools: Innovation Safaris.

Carpet Time Tools: Listening Posts.

Carpet Time Tools: A Few More Bright Ideas.

Carpet Time Tools: Poster Board Sessions.

Adobe Sets an Example.

The Inverted Pyramid Syndrome.

Chapter Takeaways.

Chapter 8 The RealOpen Innovation Framework.

A Prescription, Not a Diet.

Open Innovation.

What Is RealOpen?

What is an Innovation Platform?


Forward or Forget.

Fast Forward.


The Webb Triangle.

Innovation Scenario Tactics.

Chapter Takeaways.

Chapter 9 Creating a (Digital) Innovation Culture.

Focus Upon Others, Not Thyself.

The Innovation Focus Model.

Focus, Leadership, Communication, and Eating Your Own Cooking.

Before and After.

Culture and the Innovation Superstar.

Getting the Team Right.

The Critical Role of Leadership.

Towards a Digital Culture: Digital Innovation.

Chapter Takeaways.

Chapter 10 Dancing with the Innovation Superstars.

Warming Up on the Dance Floor.

Snap-On Tools.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.


The Nielsen Company.

Now You, Too, Can Be a Superstar.

The RealOpen Service and Software Offering.

Chapter Takeaways.

About the Author.

About The Innovation Playbook Website.