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The Insider's Guide to Grantmaking: How Foundations Find, Fund, and Manage Effective Programs



The Insider's Guide to Grantmaking: How Foundations Find, Fund, and Manage Effective Programs

Joel J. Orosz

ISBN: 978-0-787-95238-9 April 2000 Jossey-Bass 320 Pages


Unlike many formal professions, foundation grantmaking is a callingwith no training programs and little definitive literature on thelatest and best practices. Written for program officers and ofconsiderable value to grantseekers, this volume is the first andonly practical guide to making foundation grants and developingessential skills for effective and ethical grantmaking. Author JoelJ. Orosz provides:
* The history, structure, and function of foundations insociety.
* The complex role that program officers play in their day-to-dayactivities.
* Real-world advice on a myriad of tasks--from meeting withapplicants and reviewing their proposals to assisting the fundedproject and managing foundation initiatives.
* A useful overview for those new to the field, helps moreexperienced program officers to think more deeply about their work,and shares rich insights for the thousands of nonprofit leaders whopursue foundation grants.

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This item: The Insider's Guide to Grantmaking: How Foundations Find, Fund, and Manage Effective Programs

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Making Sense of the Grantmaking Universe.

Grantmaking: The Human Factor.

Building Relationships with Applicants.

Reviewing Proposals.

Declining Proposals.

Responding to Proposals.

Site Visits.

Writing the Funding Document.

Presenting the Funding Document.

Managing the Project.

Closing the Project.

Leveraging Impact.

Influencing Policy.

Intiative-Based Grantmaking.

The Ethics of Grantmaking.

Epilogue: The Future of Formal Philanthropy.
"Joel Orosz has given us a rare gift at a critical moment. His bookis a wise guide not only for the new program officer but also forthe experienced grantmaker." (Frances Hesselbein, chairman of theboard of governors, The Peter F. Drucker Foundation for NonprofitManagement)

"A book on grantmaking with the name of Joel Orosz attached to ithas instant credibility in the foundation world. Joel is anenormously creative grantmaker, exemplified by his leadership ofone of the largest and most successful programs in the history ofthe Kellogg Foundation: the $63-million Michigan CommunityFoundations' Youth Project, which energized more than six thousandyoung people around the arts of fundraising and grantmaking. Everygrantmaker can learn from his example." (Dorothy S. Ridings,president and CEO, Council on Foundations)

"Foundation program officers inhabit a mysterious world thatgrantseekers strain constantly to understand. Joel Orosz hasfinally given us a glimpse into a world that may not be as strangeand distant as we thought." (Robert K. Goodwin, president and CEO,Points of Light Foundation)

"It is amazing that a book like this had not been written untilnow, for it has certainly been much needed. Grantmakers andgrantseekers will now have a valuable resource--written by aseasoned, effective grantmaker--that will make their work easierand may well contribute to the improvement of relations betweenthem." (Sara E. Melendez, president and CEO, INDEPENDENT SECTOR)