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The International Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods, 3 Volume Set

The International Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods, 3 Volume Set

Jörg Matthes (Editor-in-Chief), Christine S. Davis (Associate Editor), Robert F. Potter (Associate Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-90176-2

Nov 2017, Wiley-Blackwell

2048 pages

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The International Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods covers all communication research methods, from data collection to data analysis, from qualitative to quantitative, and from classical to modern approaches (such as psychophysiological measures, implicit association tests, and the analysis of big data). It introduces new and advanced methods and measurement tools that have been developed in other fields but which may be useful to communication scholars. This work features content from authors all over the world.

Although there is some overlap to methods used in other social sciences (i.e., sociology, anthropology, linguistics, business, and philosophy), there are specific research settings and challenges that communication scholars have to deal with in their day-to-day work. To reflect this, the encyclopedia deals specifically with methods of communication research. It presents all of its information in three comprehensive parts: Foundations of Empirical Research, Methods of Data Collection, and Methods of Data Analysis.

The first of its kind in ambition and scope, The International Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods offers:

  • Key research topics in the field from a strong global editorial team
  • Multi-disciplinary crossover to other social sciences
  • Both qualitative and quantitative methods—and classical as well as modern approaches
  • Basic, fundamental, and advanced methods used at the forefront of cutting-edge research

Students and scholars need sound and comprehensive resources that map the field, explain key terms, and point to current debates and challenges. This encyclopedia meets those needs, and will serve as an important text for communication students as well as scholars independent of their topical focus and methodological expertise.

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