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The International Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Communication, 3 Volume Set



The International Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Communication, 3 Volume Set


The International Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Communication presents a comprehensive overview of the theories, concepts and processes that interpersonal communication researchers use to explain a wide variety of social interaction phenomena.

  • Over 270 entries explore: interpersonal conflict, negotiation, relationship development, interactional adaptation, social influence, and, communication in the workplace, at school and within family life
  • Encompasses both theory and practice, bringing together the fascinating and groundbreaking research from the field, from the first generation of interpersonal communication scholars to the very latest developments
  • Part of The Wiley Blackwell-ICA International Encyclopedias of Communication series, published in conjunction with the International Communication Association

Volume I

The International Communication Association vii

About the Editors ix

Contributors xi

Alphabetical List of Entries xix

Thematic List of Entries xxiii

Editors’ Introduction xxix

Interpersonal Communication A–? 000

Volume II

Interpersonal Communication ?–? 000

Volume III

Interpersonal Communication ?–Z 000

Index 000
"The editors, both noted scholars, winnowed the multiplicity of topics in the continually expanding purview of communication to fit the overall theme of this three-volume set, which offers more than 270 entries covering the field's major theories, processes, constructs, contexts, and research methods." (Choice Connect, 2016)

‘This particular title is a book about what makes us human. There are, as far as I am aware, no other reference sources covering exactly the same subject – certainly nothing remotely on the same scale as this.’ - Martin Guha, Reference Reviews, Vol 31, No 1, 2017.