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The International Encyclopedia of Journalism Studies , 3 Volume Set



The International Encyclopedia of Journalism Studies , 3 Volume Set


The definitive reference source on journalism studies for students, researchers, and academics

The digital era has seen significant social, economic, and technological change in journalism, invigorating journalism studies as an academic discipline. The International Encyclopedia of Journalism Studies is a unique reference guide and resource on the rapidly growing and evolving field of journalism scholarship, providing credible and timely information on its key concepts, theories, and methodologies. The official encyclopedia of the International Communication Association (ICA), this invaluable text includes more than 250 entries that form a comprehensive overview of the study of journalism as a distinct field.

Coverage of important historical developments and the current state of journalism forms a solid base of essential knowledge while critical insights into news media economics, ethical and legal issues, and journalism practices and platforms address contemporary issues faced by students and professionals alike. Alphabetically-organized entries are divided into 11 sections, presenting a balanced approach to both the field’s multidisciplinary history and its increasing specialization in the 21st century. More than an assemblage of general knowledge about journalism, this innovative work raises vital questions that invite ongoing theoretical investigation.

  • Covers a vast range of current research in field of journalism scholarship
  • Presents an overview of journalism for undergraduates as well as a research agenda of interest to experienced scholars
  • Authored by both established and emerging experts on the topics they address
  • Draws from an international advisory board to ensure currency and relevance
  • Provides international perspectives to essential topics in the field, reflecting the geographical and cultural diversity of journalism studies

The International Encyclopedia of Journalism Studies is an indispensable resource for students in all areas of journalism, as well as academics, scholars, and practitioners seeking a timely and relevant reference work. 

Volume I

The International Communication Association vii

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Volume II

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Volume III

Journalism Studies ?–Z 000

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