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The International Encyclopedia of Media Studies, 7 Volume Set

The International Encyclopedia of Media Studies, 7 Volume Set

Angharad N. Valdivia (Editor), John Nerone (Volume Editor), Kelly Gates (Volume Editor), Sharon Mazzarella (Volume Editor), Vicki Mayer (Volume Editor), Erica Scharrer (Volume Editor), Radhika Parameswaran (Volume Editor), Fabienne Darling-Wolf (Volume Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-73356-1

Feb 2014, Wiley-Blackwell

5024 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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The International Encyclopedia of Media Studies brings together over 200 critical essays to redraw the boundaries of this rapidly evolving and dynamically complex area. Global in scope, wide-ranging in its inclusion of topics, and edited by an international team of the world's best scholars, this is the definitive resource for the field.
  • Arranged across 7 thematic volumes – each of which features an accessible introduction exploring key themes – edited by an international team of expert scholars
  • Explores media as it is being practiced, produced, and analyzed in Asia, Africa, the Americas, Australia, and Europe
  • Probes the many dimensions of the subject: history, production, content, audiences, methodologies, effects, and futures
  • Newly updated with a seventh volume on Research Methods in Media Studies that is available as a stand-alone reference or as part of the complete set
7 Volumes

Volume I: Media History and the Foundations of Media Studies: John Nerone

PART 1: Approaches

PART 2: Moments

PART 3: Foundations

Volume II: Media Production: Vicki Mayer

PART 1: Production Regimes and Infrastructures

PART 2: The Cultural Industries and the Organization of Production

PART 3: Product and Content Flows

PART 4: Production Work and Practices

PART 5: Production Cultures

PART 6: The Ethics of Production

Volume III: Content and Representation: Sharon R. Mazzarella

PART 1: Persuasion and Information

PART 2: Entertainment

PART 3: Interaction and Performance

Volume IV: Audience and Interpretation: Radhika Parameswaran

PART 1: Expanding the Horizons of Audience Studies

PART 2: Practicing Reflexivity in and out of the Field

PART 3: Finding and Engaging Global Audiences

PART 4: Comprehending Online Audiences 

PART 5: Empowering Audiences as Citizens

Volume V: Media Effects/Media Psychology: Erica Scharrer

PART 1: Theories and Processes/Processing

PART 2: Evidence of Effects

PART 3: The Young Audience

Volume VI: Media Studies Futures: Kelly Gates

PART 1: The Future Of Media Studies: Theory, Methods, Pedagogy

PART 2: Social and Mobile Media Futures

PART 3: Industry Futures

PART 4: Journalism and Media Policy Futures

PART 5: Interactivity, Affect, and the Future of Media Subjectivities

PART 6: Whose Future? Children, Youth Cultures, and Digital Media

PART 7: What Future? Or, The Unsustainable Present

Volume VII: Research Methods in Media Studies

PART 1: Setting up the Stage

PART 2: Working with People

PART 3: Working with Texts

PART 4: Virtual Challenges Interdisciplinary and Mixed Method Research