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The International Encyclopedia of Strategic Communication, 3 Volume Set



The International Encyclopedia of Strategic Communication, 3 Volume Set

Robert L. Heath (Editor), Winni Johansen (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-01071-5 August 2018 Wiley-Blackwell 1868 Pages


The definitive international reference on strategic communication

The term "strategic communication" traditionally has been understood as referring to external corporate communication, such as public relations, marketing communication, and advertising, with insufficient consideration beyond its role as a tool of persuasive influence. In recent years, however, the field of strategic communication has evolved to be more holistic in its approach and its role within sociocultural contexts. Articles, textbooks, and handbooks have attempted to define the scope, purpose, and nature of the concept, but as the first major comprehensive work of its kind, The International Encyclopedia of Strategic Communication captures the full scope of contemporary theory and practice in strategic communication. 

Reflecting the current international trend within communication studies generally, this timely reference explores current efforts on the part of thought leaders and practitioners worldwide to critique, integrate, and reengineer forms, structures, functions of, and purposes for external and internal communication of organizations. To that end, the editors have enlisted a multidisciplinary team of authors, including scholars and industry professionals from around the globe who share their insights and expertise within the four major areas of strategy, organization, management, and sociocultural impact.   

  • Defines state-of-the-art concepts, models, theories, contexts, and professional practices at the heart of 21st century strategic communication 
  • Addresses all contexts within which strategic influence is required to achieve outcomes that serve the interests of organizations’ and those whom they seek to influence
  • Goes beyond traditional, US-dominated perspectives to provide an international approach
  • Explores strategic communication from a much-needed sociocultural perspective
  • Examines strategic communication’s role beyond corporate persuasion and offers a broader view of its functions for organizations of all kinds

Written with the support and assistance of the International Communication Association, the world's leading association for scholars interested in the study, teaching, and application of all aspects of human, organizational and mediated communication, The International Encyclopedia of Strategic Communication is an indispensable resource for students, teachers, and researchers in the burgeoning field of communication, as well as public relations, corporate communication, and marketing professionals working in organizations worldwide. 

Volume I

The International Communication Association vii

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Volume II

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Volume III

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