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The Internet Encyclopedia, Volume 2 (G - O)



The Internet Encyclopedia, Volume 2 (G - O)

Hossein Bidgoli (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-68996-6 May 2004 880 Pages


The Internet Encyclopedia in a 3-volume reference work on the internet as a business tool, IT platform, and communications and commerce medium.
Game Design: Games for the World Wide Web (B. Maxim).

Gender and Internet Usage (R. Dholakia, et al.).

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the Internet (H. Cetin).

Global bDiffusion of the Internet (N. Dholakia, et al.).

Global Issues (B. Gupta).

Groupware (P. Balthazard & R. Potter).

Guidelines for a Comprehensive Security System (M. Lenk).

Health Insurance and Managed Care (E. Pracht).

Health Issues (D. Lukoff & J. Gackenbach).

History of the Internet (J. Sherry & C. Brown).

HTML/XHTML (HyperText Markup Language/Extensible HyperText Markup Language) (M. Michael).

Human Factors and Ergonomics (R. Proctor & K. Vu).

Human Resource Management (D. Stone, et al.).

Information Quality in Internet and E-Business Environments (L. English).

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN): Narrowband and Broadband Services and Applications (J. Thompson).

Intelligent Agents (D. Zeng & M. Nissen).

Interactive Multimedia on the Web (B. Furht & O. Marques).

International Cyberlaw (J. Gladstone).

International Supply Chain Management (G. LaPoint & S. Webster).

Internet Architecture (G. Knight).

Internet Censorship (J. Hersberger).

Internet Etiquette (Netiquette) (J. Kayany).

Internet Literacy (H. Bidgoli).

Internet Navigation (Basics, Services, and Portals) (P. Reddy).

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) (P. Witt).

Internet Security Standards (R. Panko).

Internet2 (L. Bruenjes, et al.).

Intranets (W. Schiano).

Intrusion Detection Techniques (P. Ning & S. Jajodia).

Inventory Management (J. Carrillo, et al.).

Java (J. Simon & C. Campbell).

JavaBeans and Software Architecture (N. Medvidovic & N. Mehta).

JavaScript (C. Roussos).

JavaServer Pages (JSP) (F. Pratter).

Knowledge Management (R. Tidd).

Law Enforcement (R. Vaughn & J. Simon).

Law Firms (V. Dennis & J. Simon).

Legal, Social, and Ethical Issues (K. Himma).

Library Management (C. Sitter).

Linux Operating System (C. Abzug).

Load Balancing on the Internet (J. Wei, et al.).

Local Area Networks (W. Summers).

Machine Learning and Data Mining on the Web (Q. Yang).

Managing a Network Environment (H. Latchman & J. Walters).

Managing the Flow of Materials Across the Supply Chain (M. Holweg & N. Rich).

Marketing Communication Strategies (J. Strauss).

Marketing Plans for E-commerce Projects (M. Roldan).

Medical Care Delivery (S. Schwaitzberg).

Middleware (R. Simon).

Mobile Commerce (M. Cronin).

Mobile Devices and Protocols (J. Mariga & B. Pobanz).

Mobile Operating Systems and Applications (J. Mariga).

Multimedia (J. Bargsten).

Multiplexing (D. Whitmore).

Nonprofit Organizations (D. Nesbary).

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) (J. Morabito & E. Stohr).

Online Auctions (G. Anders).

Online Auction Site Management (P. Wurman).

Online Banking and Beyond: Internet -Related Offerings from U.S. Banks (S. Wan).

Online Communities (L. Sproull).

Online Dispute Resolution (A. Gaitenby).

Online News Services (Online Journalism) (B. Garrison).

Online Public Relations (K. Hallahan).

Online Publishing (R. Brooks).

Online Religion (T. Ciolek).

Open Source Development and Licensing (S. Henry).

Organizational Impact (J. Mendonca).