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The Internet For Dummies, 14th Edition

The Internet For Dummies, 14th Edition

John R. Levine, Margaret Levine Young

ISBN: 978-1-118-96769-0

Mar 2015

384 pages

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Get up and running on the Internet—the fast and easy way

If you're an Internet newcomer and want to get up to speed without all the intimidating technical jargon, The Internet For Dummies has you covered. With over 5,000,000 copies sold*, The Internet For Dummies is the #1 choice for Internet newcomers.

Inside, you'll discover how to make the most of the Internet, get accustomed to popular sites, find the information and items you need fast, and stay away from the bad stuff floating around online.

  • Catches you up on the latest online trends, from social networking sites to blogs and more
  • Includes the latest on Google Chrome, getting good search results, and sharing files
  • Covers choosing and connecting to an Internet provider, establishing an e-mail account, getting on the web, and finding the sites that matter most

Now in its 14th edition, The Internet For Dummies covers the latest social networking tools, browser features, connection options, safety features, and so much more. Starting out with the basics, it walks you through getting online, picking an Internet provider, getting to know the different web browsers, dealing with e-mail and connecting with friends, finding the hottest sites to share photos and videos—and everything in between.

*Includes all formats and all editions

Introduction  1

Part I: Getting Started with the Internet  5

Chapter 1: What’s So Great about the Internet?  7

Chapter 2: Is the Internet Safe? Viruses, Spyware, Spam, and Other Yucky Stuff  15

Chapter 3: Kids and the Internet  35

Part II: Internet, Here I Come!  47

Chapter 4: Assembling Your Gear and Climbing on the Net  49

Chapter 5: Setting Up Your Own Network or Wi-Fi Hotspot  75

Chapter 6: Welcome to the Wild, Wonderful, Wacky Web  89

Chapter 7: Taking Your Browser for a Spin  109

Part III: Hanging Out with Friends Online  137

Chapter 8: It’s in the Mail: Sending and Receiving Email  139

Chapter 9: Putting Your Mail in Its Place  161

Chapter 10: Get ting Social with Facebook and Google+  177

Chapter 11: Tweeting about Your Life  191

Chapter 12: Typing and Talking Online 203

Part IV: The Web Is Full of Cool Stuff  229

Chapter 13: Needles and Haystacks: Finding Almost Anything Online  231

Chapter 14: Music and Video on the Web  251

Chapter 15: More Shopping, Less Dropping  269

Chapter 16: Banking, Bill Paying, and Investing Online  289

Part V: Putting Your Own Stuff on the Web 305

Chapter 17: Making a Splash Online  307

Chapter 18: Blogging: The World Reads Your Diary  321

Part VI: The Part of Tens  331

Chapter 19: Ten Fun Things You Can Do Online  333

Chapter 20: Ten Worthwhile Things to Do Online  341

Index  347