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The Interview Kit, 3rd Edition

The Interview Kit, 3rd Edition

Richard H. Beatty

ISBN: 978-0-471-44925-6

Sep 2003

248 pages

Select type: Paperback

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The new revised edition of The Interview Kit shows job seekers how to succeed in any interview. With answers to over 500 tough questions and strategies on what to say and how to say it, interviewees need never be tongue-tied again. The Interview Kit offers five proven strategies for making the best impression and expert advice on negotiating salary and benefits after the successful interview. This new and updated edition is better than ever, with new advice on what to do when the interview doesn't go well. Based on his three decades of career experience and research, Beatty provides the proven advice, step-by-step guidance, and all the essential tools job hunters need to succeed.

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1. Before the Interview.

2. The Interview Day.

3. Five Winning Interview Strategies.

4. Damage Control in the Interview.

5. Interview Questions—Strengths.

6. Interview Questions—Weaknesses.

7. Interview Questions—Education.

8. Interview Questions—Job Performance.

9. Interview Questions—Work Performance.

10. Interview Questions—Motivation and Drive.

11. Interview Questions—Personal Traits and Characteristics.

12. Interview Questions—Interpersonal Skills.

13. Interview Questions—Preferred Work Environment.

14. Interview Questions—Preferred Boss's Style.

15. Interview Questions—Planning and Organizing Skills.

16. Interview Questions—Business Philosophy.

17. Interview Questions—Operating Style.

18. Interview Questions—Communications Skills.

19. Interview Questions—Management Style.

20. Interview Questions—Creativity.

21. Interview Questions—Entrepreneurship (Risk Taking).

22. Interview Questions— Persistence.

23. Closing the Interview.

24. Managing the Silence—What to Do When You Hear Nothing after the Job Innterview.

25. Turning No into Yes—Strategies for Reversing a Negative Employment Decision.

26. Negotiating the Job Offer—Getting What You Want.