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The Jacksonian Era, 2nd Edition

The Jacksonian Era, 2nd Edition

Robert V. Remini

ISBN: 978-0-882-95931-3

Dec 1996, Wiley-Blackwell

150 pages

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This new edition of one of our most popular publications is a fast-paced and colorful narrative of the social, cultural, and political climate that breathed life into "Jacksonian Democracy." In his inimitable style, Remini crafts a memorable portrait of Jackson: the young hellraiser and war hero; the stern judge; the determined campaigner; and, finally, the chief executive of the people. Other leading political figures, such as Henry Clay and Daniel Webster, are paid due attention and discussions of the vital issues of the day-the Bank War, Indian removal, the states' rights conflict, and slavery-are nicely balanced by attention to the era's various reform, religious, and artistic movements. In addition to the newest research and revelations, new to the Second Edition is an extensive photo essay. Written by one of the foremost authorities on Andrew Jackson, The Jacksonian Era is simply a great read for anyone interested in Jackson and his time.

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Foreword V

Preface to the Second Edition IX

Chapter One: A Hero for An Age 1

Chapter Two: Jacksonian Democracy 25

Chapter Three: Indian Removal 44

Chapter Four: Slavery and Union 57

Chapter Five: The Reach for Perfection 73

Chapter Six: The End of an Age 109

Bibliographical Essay 123

Index 143

Photo Essay follows page 72