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The John Deere Way: Performance that Endures

The John Deere Way: Performance that Endures

David Magee

ISBN: 978-0-471-73429-1

Apr 2005

240 pages



The John Deere Way presents timeless business lessons from one of America’s top brands. Even as many American manufacturers struggle with low-cost foreign competition, John Deere has not only prevailed, but increased its market share by offering superior quality products built tough and in accordance with time-tested business values. This book shares the company’s management principles and corporate values and shows how those values guide the company to increasingly greater success. For business owners and leaders who want to know what real long-term success constitutes—and how to achieve it—The John Deere Way is the only way.

Introduction by Robert W. Lane, Chairman and CEO, Deere & Company.

CHAPTER ONE: Embrace the Culture.

CHAPTER TWO: Quality Comes First.

CHAPTER THREE: Create Change through Innovation.

CHAPTER FOUR: Always Maintain Integrity.

CHAPTER FIVE: Commitment Never Quits.

CHAPTER SIX: Build a Business as Great as Your Products.

CHAPTER SEVEN: Put the Brand to Work (and Protect It at All Costs).

CHAPTER EIGHT: All Relationships Must Be Win-Win.

CHAPTER NINE: Grow on the Strength of Your Roots.

CHAPTER TEN: Performance That Endures.

APPENDIX A: John Deere Leadership.

APPENDIX B: Key Dates in John Deere History.

APPENDIX C: John Deere Green Bulletins.

APPENDIX D: John Deere Strategy.

APPENDIX E: John Deere’s Business.