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The John Mauldin Classics Collection



The John Mauldin Classics Collection

John Mauldin

ISBN: 978-1-118-40363-1 July 2012 1072 Pages


Three bestselling works from noted investment advisor John Mauldin in one handy e-book collection

Renowned investment advisor and New York Times bestselling author John Mauldin is one of the most well-known and admired economic observers anywhere and a trusted name for millions of investors. In this all-in-one e-book collection, three of Mauldin's biggest selling and most important titles are available together for the first time.

  • In Bull's Eye Investing, Mauldin uses six different perspectives on the markets to prepare investors for a profitable future
  • In Just One Thing, Mauldin offers a shortcut to prosperity with personal guidance from a selection of highly-regarded financial experts, each of whom provide their single most useful piece of advice
  • In Endgame, Mauldin argues that rather than slowly recovering from the current financial crisis, the world economy is entering a period in which governments, rather than households, will experience extreme financial "restructuring"