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The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management, 4th Edition



The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management, 4th Edition

David O. Renz

ISBN: 978-1-118-85294-1 August 2016 Jossey-Bass 816 Pages



The go-to nonprofit handbook, updated and expanded for today's leader

The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management is the bestselling professional reference and leading text on the functions, processes, and strategies that are integral to the effective leadership and management of nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations. Now in its fourth edition, this handbook presents the most current research, theory, and practice in the field of nonprofit leadership and management. This practical, relevant guide is invaluable to the effective practice of nonprofit leadership and management, with expanded attention to accountability, transparency, and organizational effectiveness. It also extensively covers the practice of social entrepreneurship, presented via an integrative perspective that helps the reader make practical sense of how to bring it all together.

Nonprofit organizations present unique opportunities and challenges for meeting the needs of societies and their communities, yet nonprofit management is more complex and challenging than ever. This Handbook provides a framework to help you lead and manage efficiently and effectively in this new environment. Building on solid current scholarship, the handbook provides candid, practical guidance from nationally-recognized leaders who share their insights on:

  • The relationship between board performance and organizational effectiveness
  • Managing internal and external stakeholder relationships
  • Financial viability and sustainability and how to enhance both for the long term
  • Strategies to successfully attract, retain, and mobilize the very best of staff and volunteers

The fourth edition of the handbook also includes content relevant to associations and membership organizations. The content of the handbook is supplemented and enriched by an extensive set of online supplements and tools, including reading lists, web references, checklists, PowerPoint slides, discussion guides, and sample exams. Running your nonprofit or nongovernmental organization effectively in today's complex and challenging environment demands more knowledge and skill than ever, deployed in a thoughtful and pragmatic way. Grounded in the most useful modern scholarship and theory, and explained from the perspective of effective practice, The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management is a pivotal resource for successful nonprofit leaders in these turbulent times.

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Figures, Tables, and Exhibits ix

The Contributors xiii

The Editor xxv

Introduction to the Fourth Edition xxvii
David O. Renz

Part One: The Context and Institutional Setting of the Nonprofit Sector 1

1 Historical Perspectives on Nonprofit Organizations in the United States 3
Peter Dobkin Hall

2 The Legal Framework of the Nonprofit Sector in the United States 43
Bruce R. Hopkins and Virginia C. Gross

3 The Changing Context of Nonprofit Management in the United States 80
Brent Never

4 The Many Faces of Nonprofit Accountability 102
Alnoor Ebrahim

Part Two: Leading and Governing Nonprofit Organizations 125

5 Leadership, Governance, and the Work of the Board 127
David O. Renz

6 Executive Leadership 167
Robert D. Herman

7 Ethical Nonprofit Management: Core Values and Key Practices 188
Thomas H. Jeavons

8 Strategic Management 217
William A. Brown

9 Strategic Planning and the Strategy Change Cycle 240
John M. Bryson

10 Understanding Nonprofit Effectiveness 274
David O. Renz and Robert D. Herman

Part Three: Managing Nonprofit Operations 293

11 Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation 295
Matthew T. A. Nash

12 Social Enterprise and Nonprofit Ventures 334
Scott T. Helm

13 Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations 366
Brenda Gainer

14 Advocacy, Lobbying, and Social Change 396
Marcia A. Avner

15 Value Creation Through Collaboration 427
James E. Austin and M. May Seitanidi

16 Outcome Assessment and Program Evaluation 444
John Clayton Thomas

Part Four: Developing and Managing Nonprofit Financial Resources 475

17 Financial Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations 477
Jeanne Bell and Shannon Ellis

18 Philanthropy and Fundraising: The Comprehensive Development Program 488
Sarah K. Nathan and Eugene R. Tempel

19 Nonprofit Finance: Developing Nonprofit Resources 509
Dennis R. Young and Jung-In Soh

20 Managing the Challenges of Government Contracts 536
Stephen Rathgeb Smith

21 Tools and Techniques of Nonprofit Financial Management 564
Woods Bowman

Part Five: Leading and Managing People in Nonprofits 595

22 Effective Human Resource Management: Nonprofit Staffing for the Future 597
Mary R. Watson and Rikki Abzug

23 Compensation: Total Rewards Programs in Nonprofit Organizations 639
Nancy E. Day

24 Designing and Managing Volunteer Programs 688
Jeffrey L. Brudney

Conclusion: The Future of Nonprofit Leadership and Management 734
David O. Renz

Name Index 747

Subject Index 757