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The Journal of Gene Medicine

The Journal of Gene Medicine

Edited By:Ernst Wagner and Mengfeng Li

Online ISSN: 1521-2254

Impact Factor: 1.647

Digital version available through Wiley Online Library

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The aims and scope of The Journal of Gene Medicine include cutting-edge science of gene transfer and its applications in gene and cell therapy, genome editing with precision nucleases, epigenetic modifications of host genome by small molecules, siRNA, microRNA and other noncoding RNAs as therapeutic gene-modulating agents or targets, biomarkers for precision medicine, and gene-based prognostic/diagnostic studies.

Key areas of interest are the design of novel synthetic and viral vectors, novel therapeutic nucleic acids such as mRNA, modified microRNAs and siRNAs, antagomirs, aptamers, antisense and exon-skipping agents, refined genome editing tools using nucleic acid /protein combinations, physically or biologically targeted delivery and gene modulation, ex vivo or in vivo pharmacological studies including animal models, and human clinical trials.

Papers presenting research into the mechanisms underlying transfer and action of gene medicines, the application of the new technologies for stem cell modification or nucleic acid based vaccines, the identification of new genetic or epigenetic variations as biomarkers to direct precision medicine, and the preclinical/clinical development of gene/expression signatures indicative of diagnosis or predictive of prognosis are also encouraged.

Please note that the Journal of Gene Medicine is online-only.
Benefits for our authors:
- No charges for colour figures
- Accepted article PDFs will be published within days of acceptance
- Faster issue publication times for full final articles
- Better integration of online supporting information for articles