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The Juran Prescription: Clinical Quality Management



The Juran Prescription: Clinical Quality Management

Kathleen Jennison Goonan

ISBN: 978-0-787-90096-0 May 1995 Jossey-Bass 229 Pages


The Juran Prescription identifies the practical steps needed if clinicians are to build a quality program tailored to their individual organizations. Based on the highly effective management techniques of renowned Dr. Joseph Juran, this book outlines management strategies, techniques, and skills that are essential in transforming health care organizations. The author examines the principle at the heart of Juran's teachings--Total Quality Management--as reflected in such impressive management innovations as outcomes measurement, guidelines for practice, reengineering, and patient-focused care.
1: New Skills for Clinical Leaders
2. The Basic Physiology of Quality
3. A Sampler of Success Stories
4. Measuring Care and Managing Variation
5. Planning and Designing Care Processes
6. Practice and Outcomes Improvment
7. Implementing Quality Management in Clinical Settings(Robert Halder, M.D.)
8. Strategic Planning for Clinical Quality and Performance
Conclusion: Panacea, Placebo, or the Right Prescription?