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The LTE-Advanced Deployment Handbook: The Planning Guidelines for the Fourth Generation Networks



The LTE-Advanced Deployment Handbook: The Planning Guidelines for the Fourth Generation Networks

Jyrki T. J. Penttinen (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-67885-5 November 2015 504 Pages


LTE-Advanced is the new Global standard which is expected to create a foundation for the future wireless broadband services. The standard incorporates all the latest technologies recently developed in the field of wireless communications. Presented in a modular style, the book provides an introductory description for beginners as well as practical guidelines for  telecom specialists. It contains an introductory module that is suitable for the initial studies of the technology based on the 3GPPRelease 10, 11 and beyond of LTE and SAE. The latter part of the book is suitable for experienced professionals who will benefit from the practical descriptions of the physical core and radio network planning, end-to-end performance measurements, physical network construction and optimization of the system.

The focus of the book is in the functioning, planning, construction, measurements and optimization of the radio and core networks of the Release 10 and beyond of the 3GPP LTE and SAE standards. It looks at the practical description of the Advanced version of the LTE/SAE, how to de-mystify the LTE-Advanced functionality and planning, and how to carry out practical measurements of the system. In general, the book describes "how-to-do-it" for the 4G system which is compliant with the ITU-R requirements.

List of Contributors vii

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xi

Abbreviations xiii

1 Introduction 1
Jyrki T. J. Penttinen

2 LTE-Advanced Principles 15
Jyrki T. J. Penttinen

3 LTE-Advanced Architecture 59
Jyrki T. J. Penttinen

4 Advanced Core Network 85
Jyrki T. J. Penttinen, Tero Jalkanen, Ilkka Keisala, Juha Kallio, and Olli Ramula

5 LTE-A Radio Network 113
Jyrki T. J. Penttinen, Sebastian Lasek, Katarzyna Rybiańska, Krzysztof Wiśniowski, Jacek Góra, Krystian Safjan, Jarosław Lachowski, Agnieszka Szufarska, Stanisław Strzyz, Szymon Stefanski, Damian Kolmas, Francesco D. Calabrese, Guillaume Monghal, Mohammad Anas, and Luis Maestro

6 Terminals and Applications 179
Jyrki T. J. Penttinen, Tero Jalkanen, Juha Kallio, and Pertti Penttinen

7 LTE-A Functionality 205
Jyrki T. J. Penttinen and Juha Kallio

8 Planning of the LTE-Advanced Core Network 237
Jyrki T. J. Penttinen and Olli Ramula

9 Planning of the LTE-Advanced Radio Network 257
Jyrki T. J. Penttinen

10 Optimization of LTE-A 293
Jyrki T. J. Penttinen, Elpiniki Tsakalaki, and Parth Amin

11 Measurements 339
Jyrki T. J. Penttinen and Jonathan Borril

12 Recommendations 373
Sebastian Lasek, Dariusz Tomeczko, Krystian Krysmalski, Maciej Pakulski, Grzegorz Lehmann, Krystian Majchrowicz, Marcin Grygiel, Piotr Grzybowski, Mateusz Rączkowiak, Krzysztof Wiśniowski, Katarzyna Rybiańska, and Jyrki T. J. Penttinen

Index 473