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The Law of Tax-Exempt Organizations, 2018 Cumulative Supplement, 11th Edition

The Law of Tax-Exempt Organizations, 2018 Cumulative Supplement, 11th Edition

Bruce R. Hopkins

ISBN: 978-1-119-48699-2

Mar 2018

304 pages


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The gold-standard guide to nonprofit law, updated for 2018

The Law of Tax-Exempt Organizations + Website is the definitive reference for leaders and lawyers of tax-exempt organizations. Written by the field's most respected authority, this book provides comprehensive coverage of all currently relevant regulations to help you make informed decisions about the future of your organization. Accessible language and extensive tabular information allow for easy navigation and quick reference, while the companion website features additional resources that provide additional depth on specific topics.

Tax laws are continuously evolving, and the statutes and regulations for tax-exempt organizations change more quickly than most. This book compiles all of the latest pertinent statutes, regulations, rulings, and court opinions into a single reference that no nonprofit should be without.

  • Get up to date on the latest changes to tax regulations for exempt organizations
  • Learn the new and expanded rules for supporting organizations
  • Review recent IRS rulings, Treasury Department regulations, and court opinions
  • Find answers to the emerging issues surrounding the commerciality doctrine governance, unrelated business, constitutional law issues, and much more

Failure to keep pace with changing tax law can easily result in costly penalties; in the non-profit world, each and every dollar is precious—by staying up to date on tax-exempt regulations, you not only avoid penalties, but you may discover new developments that actually benefit your bottom line. The Law of Tax-Exempt Organizations + Website provides the information you need, and the expert guidance to help you take advantage of every opportunity.

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