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The Learning Portfolio: Reflective Practice for Improving Student Learning, 2nd Edition

The Learning Portfolio: Reflective Practice for Improving Student Learning, 2nd Edition

John Zubizarreta, Barbara J. Millis (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-0-470-62363-3

Dec 2009, Jossey-Bass

400 pages



The learning portfolio is a powerful complement to traditional measures of student achievement and a widely diverse method of recording intellectual growth. This second edition of this important book offers new samples of print and electronic learning portfolios. An academic understanding of and rationale for learning portfolios and practical information that can be customized. Offers a review of the value of reflective practice in student learning and how learning portfolios support assessment and collaboration. Includes revised sample assignment sheets, guidelines, criteria, evaluation rubrics, and other material for developing print and electronic portfolios.

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About the Author xi

About the Contributors xiii

Foreword to the Second Edition xix

Foreword to the First Edition xxiii

Preface to the Second Edition xxvii

Acknowledgments xxxv


1. An Overview of Student Learning Portfolios 3

2. Practical Questions and Issues About Student Learning Portfolios 19

3. Important Factors in Developing and Using Student Learning Portfolios 35

4. Electronic Learning Portfolios 55


5. Learning Portfolios in the Humanities Classroom: Promoting Intentional Learning by Helping Students Uncover What Is Meaningful to Them 75
Dorothe J. Bach

6. Getting Started with Portfolios: A Vision for Implementing Reflection to Enhance Student Learning 85
Stephanie Burrell, Laurence Miners, Kathryn Nantz, and Roben Torosyan

7. The Oral Health E-portfolio: A Three-Year Project 97
Russell Butson, Jennifer Marie Cook, and Rosemary Kardos

8. EPAC: Building a Community of Practice Around E-portfolios 109
Helen L. Chen and John C. Ittelson

9. Encouraging a Reflective Disposition: Scaffolding Critical Thought Through Portfolio Development 121
Ann C. Cunningham

10. A Journey Involving Integrating an E-portfolio into a Course Management System 141
Marilyn Drury

11. The E-portfolio and Liberal Arts Education at Agnes Scott College 151
Emily Hauck, Olivia White Lopez, and Shannon Yarbrough

12. The LeBow College of Business My LIFEfolio: An E-portfolio Program 159
Frank Linnehan

13. Learning Portfolios in a Sophomore-Level Composition and Literature Course 171
Leslie Ortquist-Ahrens

14. A Journal of Citizenship: Orienting First-Year Students to Liberal Education 177
Elizabeth Regosin and Ronald J. O. Flores

15. Representing, Not Testing: Webfolio as Final Exam 189
Donna Reiss

16. Challenging Tertiary Teachers' Beliefs and Practices: Facilitating Change and Development Through Portfolios 197
Rachel Spronken-Smith and Sarah Stein

17. The English Language E-portfolio 211
Fiona Williams, Vicki Chan, and Hokling Cheung

18. Upon Further Review: A Second Look at the Student Learning Portfolio 223
Alan Wright and M. Heather Hartley


19. Education Technology Web Site 239
Robyn Allen

20. Learning Portfolio 245
Alicia I. Gilbert

21. Learning Portfolio Reflections 251
Diana Lynde

22. PowerPoint Portfolio 255|
Lindsay Perani

23. Honors Portfolio 261
Connie Thackaberry

24. Career Portfolio 265
Josee Vaillant


25. Self-Assessment 269

26. Four-Year Portfolio Development Plan 273

27. Portfolio Evaluation Form Contents Checklist 277

28. Showcase/Electronic Portfolio Evaluation Form 279

29. Webfolio Assignment 281

30. Learning Portfolio Project 285

31. Online Reflective Writing: Instructions for Threaded Discussion 289

32. Portfolio Reflections 293

33. Honors Senior Portfolio Option: Contract and Guidelines 295

34. Criteria for Evaluating Learning Portfolios 299

35. Double-Column Notes for Refl ection 301

36. Learning Portfolio Assignment 303

37. Sample Student Refl ections 307

38. Review and Revision Process and Submission Letter for Webfolios 311

39. Rubric for Evaluating Webfolios 313

40. Reflective Writing Assignment 315

41. Report Guidelines: Sample Questions for Reflection 319

42. Promoting Intentional Learning Assignment 321

43. Evaluation Rubric for Reflective Essays 323

44. Reflections in Technology Portfolios 325

45. Technology in Education Web Page 327

References 331

Index 343