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The Lichen Symbiosis

The Lichen Symbiosis

Vernon Ahmadjian

ISBN: 978-0-471-57885-7

Jul 1993

266 pages

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Not only an invaluable reference to what is known about lichen bionts and their interactions but also a guide to future studies. Compares various aspects of lichen-forming bionts with those of other fungi, algae and cyanobacteria. Features in-depth descriptions of culture methods. Includes over 1000 references representing a selective sampling in such subjects as air pollution, photosynthesis and respiration.
The Mycobiont (Fungal Symbiont).

The Photobiont (Photosynthetic Symbiont).

Biont Interactions I--Development of Synthetic and Natural Lichens.

Biont Interactions II--Carbohydrate Movement.

Biont Interactions III--Physiology of Lichens.

Lichens, Bionts, and Air Pollution.

Molecular Biology of Lichens.


Literature Cited.