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The Listening Bilingual: Speech Perception, Comprehension, and Bilingualism



The Listening Bilingual: Speech Perception, Comprehension, and Bilingualism

François Grosjean, Krista Byers-Heinlein

ISBN: 978-1-118-83576-0 August 2018 Wiley-Blackwell 272 Pages


A vital resource on speech and language processing in bilingual adults and children

The Listening Bilingual brings together in one volume the various components of spoken language processing in bilingual adults, infants and children.

The book includes a review of speech perception and word recognition; syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic aspects of speech processing; the perception and comprehension of bilingual mixed speech (code-switches, borrowings and interferences); and the assessment of bilingual speech perception and comprehension in adults and children in the clinical context.

The two main authors as well as selected guest authors, Mark Antoniou, Theres Grüter, Robert J. Hartsuiker, Elizabeth D. Peña and Lisa M. Bedore, and Lu-Feng Shi, introduce the various approaches used in the study of spoken language perception and comprehension in bilingual individuals. The authors focus on experimentation

that involves both well-established tasks and newer tasks, as well as techniques used in brain imaging.

This important resource:

  • Is the first of its kind to concentrate specifically on spoken language processing in bilingual adults and children.
  • Offers a unique text that covers both fundamental and applied research in bilinguals.
  • Covers a range of topics including speech perception, spoken word recognition, higher level processing, code-switching, and assessment.
  • Presents information on the assessment of bilingual children’s language development

Written for advanced undergraduate students in linguistics, cognitive science, psychology, and speech/language pathology as well as researchers, The Listening Bilingual offers a state-of-the-art review of the recent developments and approaches in speech and language processing in bilingual people of all ages.

Author Biographies viii

Introdution 1

1 Bilingual Adults and Children: A Short Introduction 4
François Grosjean and Krista Byers‐Heinlein

Introduction 4

General Aspects of Bilingualism 5

Bilingual Children 13

Summary 21

References 21

2 Speech Perception and Comprehension 25
François Grosjean and Krista Byers‐Heinlein

Introduction 25

From the Speech Wave to the Mental Representation 26

Processing in Bilingual Adults 29

Processing in Bilingual Children 33

Summary 37

References 37

Part I Speech Processing in Adults 41

3 Speech Perception 43
Mark Antoniou

Introduction 43

Perception of Speech Segments by Bilinguals 43

Factors Affecting Bilinguals’ Speech Perception 48

Theories of Cross‐Language Speech Perception 54

The Role of Suprasegmentals in Speech Perception 58

Future Challenges and Directions 60

Summary 61

References 61

4 Spoken Word Recognition 65
François Grosjean

Introduction 65

How Does Word Recognition Take Place and How Do Bilinguals Fare? 66

Language Proficiency, Use and History 67

Lower Level Information 71

Processing Mechanisms and Strategies 73

The Activation of Candidates 77

Summary 82

References 83

5 Processing at Higher Levels 86
Robert J. Hartsuiker

Introduction 86

Auditory Sentence Comprehension: Stages and Principles 86

Syntactic Analysis 90

Processing the Meaning of Words 97

Syntactic Integration and Revision 102

Discussion and Conclusion 103

Summary 104

References 105

6 Processing Bilingual Speech 109
François Grosjean

Introduction 109

Does the Perception of Spoken Code‐Switches Take Extra Time? 110

The Recognition of Guest Words 115

The Processing of Interferences 123

Summary 126

References 126

7 Assessing Perception and Comprehension in Bilingual Adults 129
Lu‐Feng Shi

Introduction 129

Issues in Bilingual Assessment 129

Word Recognition 131

Recognition of Connected Speech 137

Factors That Affect Assessment of Speech Perception in Bilinguals 140

Summary 144

References 145

Part II Speech Processing in Children 151

8 Speech Perception 153
Krista Byers‐Heinlein

Introduction 153

Simultaneous Bilingual Infants 154

Child L2 Learners 166

Summary 171

References 172

9 Spoken Word Recognition 176
Krista Byers‐Heinlein

Introduction 176

Finding Words in the Speech Stream 176

Learning New Words 179

Recognizing Familiar Words 184

The Role of Speech Perception in Learning and Recognizing Words 187

Bilingual Children’s Vocabulary 190

Summary 194

References 194

10 Processing at Higher Levels 199
Theres Grüter

Introduction 199

Asymmetries Between Comprehension and Production 201

Real‐Time Processing 205

Cross‐Linguistic Influence 207

Input and Exposure 214

Summary 216

References 217

11 Assessing Perception and Comprehension in Bilingual Children, Without and With Speech and Language Impairment 220
Elizabeth D. Peña and Lisa M. Bedore

Introduction 220

Defining Language Impairment 220

Phonological Perception and Word Learning 221

Challenges in Assessment of Bilingual Children 223

Assessment of Single Word Knowledge 227

Assessment of Semantic Knowledge 233

Implications for Practice 236

Summary 236

References 237

Index 244