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The Literature Lover's Book of Lists: Serious Trivia for the Bibliophile

The Literature Lover's Book of Lists: Serious Trivia for the Bibliophile

Judie L. H. Strouf

ISBN: 978-0-735-20121-7

Sep 1999, Jossey-Bass

432 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Wonderful for browsing, and invaluable for finding specific information, Literature Lovers Book of Lists is a compendium of useful and sometimes whimsical information for anyone who loves books and loves to read, at any age or reading level. It is organized into nine sections and provides nearly 200 lists relating to genres, authors, characters and settings, awards, literary terms with their definitions and much more. There are even lists of books of prose and poetry available on audiocassettes.

If it has to do with literature, this book has the answers.

What book has had the longest run on The New York Times best-seller list?

Who is the only four-time winner of the Pulitizer Prize for drama?

What is the complete list of Shakespeare's plays and poems?

Who are some of the most notable African American authors?

What are the three main variations of the sonnet?

What famous writers belonged to The Bloomsbury Group?

Literature Lovers Book of Lists is both exciting and informative at the same time.
About This Resource.

Section 1. Literature. . . An Introduction.

Section 2. Books. . . For All Ages.

Section 3. Genres. . . For Every Taste.

Section 4. Poetry. . . Reflection of the Soul.

Section 5. Drama. . . Drama. . . Thereby Hangs a Tale.

Section 6. Themes. . .Under One Umbrella.

Section 7. Literary Periods. . .Intro One Era and Out the Other.

Section 8. Potpourri. . .Weird, Whimsical, and Worthwhile.

Section 9. Endings. . .References and Aids.

Index of Authors.