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The Literature Teacher's Book Of Lists, 2nd Edition



The Literature Teacher's Book Of Lists, 2nd Edition

Judie L. H. Strouf

ISBN: 978-0-787-97550-0 July 2005 Jossey-Bass 576 Pages


This second edition of the popular Literature Teacher's Book of Lists has been thoroughly revised and contains updated information and exciting new lists. This unique information source and time-saver for literature teachers includes 254 useful lists for developing instructional materials and planning lessons for middle school, secondary, and college students. Some of the lists supply teacher background; others are reproducibles for student use; many give new twists to studied topics.
About This Book.

The Author.

Section I: Literature . . . An Introduction.

List 1. Literature Is.

List 2. Main Types of Literature.

List 3. Literary Pyramid.

List 4. Nobel Prize Winners for Literature.

List 5. Literary Terminology.

List 6. Twenty-Three Reasons to Read and Study Literature.

List 7. Allusions: Literary.

List 8. Quotations from Literature.

List 9. Influential Writers from Around the World.

List 10. Famous Characters from Literature.

List 11. Fictional Places in Literature.

List 12. Literary Characters Based on Real People.

List 13. Literary Criticism.

List 14. Schools of Criticism.

List 15. U.S./British/Irish Critics.

Section II: Books . . . For All Ages.

List 16. Award-Winning Children’s Books: New Millennium.

List 17. Newbery Medal Winners.

List 18. Best-Sellers for Children.

List 19. Middle Grades Fiction: New Millennium.

List 20. Middle Grades: Oldies, But Goodies.

List 21. Best-Sellers for Middle Grades.

List 22. Middle Grades: Gifted Students.

List 23. Young Adults: New Millennium.

List 24. Young Adults: Oldies, But Goodies.

List 25. Best-Sellers for Young Adults.

List 26. Young Adults: Just Good Reading.

List 27. Young Adults: Nonfiction.

List 28. Young Adult Reluctant Readers: New Millennium.

List 29. Young Adults: Gifted Students.

List 30. Puzzles and Brainteasers.

List 31. College Bound: New Millennium.

List 32. College Bound: Classics.

List 33. Adult Great Books Reading Program.

Section III: Genres . . . For Every Taste.

List 34. Fiction: Pulitzer Prize Winners.

List 35. The Novel Masters: American.

List 36. The Novel Masters: Other Than American.

List 37. Titles Taken from Previous Works.

List 38. Novel: Picaresque.

List 39. Gothic and Regency Romance.

List 40. Adventure.

List 41. Classic Writers.

List 42. Overrated Classics?.

List 43. Comics.

List 44. Detective and Spy Stories/Thrillers/Mysteries.

List 45. Detective Stories: Sherlock Holmes.

List 46. Famous Fictional Detectives.

List 47. Nursery Rhymes.

List 48. Fables: Aesop.

List 49. Fairy Tales.

List 50. Fairy Tales/Folktales/Myths/Legends: Collections.

List 51. American Folklore: Fictional Characters.

List 52. American Folklore: Real People.

List 53. Gods and Goddesses.

List 54. Mythological and Legendary Characters.

List 55. Fantasy Series and King Arthur Stories.

List 56. Epics.

List 57. Fantasy/Horror/Ghosts: Stories.

List 58. Fantasy/Horror/Ghosts: Collections.

List 59. Horror Story Masters.

List 60. Science Fiction Masters.

List 61. Short Story Masters: Major Collections and Selected Stories.

List 62. Poe: Complete Stories and Poems.

List 63. Short Story Masters: New Millennium.

List 64. Short Story Anthologies.

List 65. Other Short Works.

List 66. Story-Telling Framework.

List 67. The Western Masters.

List 68. Nonfiction: Pulitzer Prize Winners.

List 69. Nonfiction Masters: American.

List 70. Biography and Autobiography: Pulitzer Prize Winners.

List 71. Autobiography.

List 72. Biography.

List 73. History Books of Merit.

List 74. Historical Documents.0

List 75. Essay Masters: 16th to 19th Centuries.2

List 76. Essays and Collections of Essays.

List 77. Essay Masters: 20th Century.

List 78. Essays: New Millennium.

List 79. Essays: Informal.

List 80. Journalism Masters.

List 81. Letters/Diaries/Journals.

List 82. Speech Masters.

Section IV: Poetry . . . Reflection of the Soul.

List 83. Poets Laureate of England and the United States.

List 84. Master American Poets.

List 85. Master British Poets.

List 86. Early Classical Poets.

List 87. Major Poets in Other Languages.

List 88. Poets on Poetry.

List 89. Poetry on Great Writers.

List 90. Poems: Early British History.

List 91. War and Anti-War Poetry/Songs.

List 92. Poetry Glossary.

List 93. Versification: Meter.

List 94. Versification: Feet.

List 95. Blank Verse and Free Verse.

List 96. Alliteration from A to Z.

List 97. Assonance.

List 98. Onomatopoeia.

List 99. Repetition.

List 100. Stanza Type and Typical Arrangement.

List 101. Pictogram and Parallel Poem.

List 102. Haiku and Tanka.

List 103. Pantoum.

List 104. Ballad.

List 105. Lyric Poetry.

List 106. Elegy.

List 107. Ode.

List 108. Sonnet.

List 109. French Verse Forms.

List 110. Sestina.

List 111. Humorous Poetry (Short).

List 112. Humorous Poetry (Longer).

List 113. Limerick.

List 114. Grue.

Section V: Drama . . . Thereby Hangs a Tale.

List 115. Drama: Pulitzer Prize Winners.

List 116. Master American Dramatists.

List 117. Drama Masters: Other Than American.

List 118. Drama Critics’ Circle Awards.

List 119. Elements of Drama.

List 120. Stage Diagram.

List 121. Drama Glossary.

List 122. Shakespeare: Complete Plays and Poems.

List 123. Shakespeare Glossary.

List 124. Allusions: Shakespearean.

List 125. Shakespeare’s Ghost Writers?

List 126. Popular High School Productions.

List 127. Long-Running Broadway Plays.

List 128. Academy Awards for Best Movies.

List 129. Best American Movies of All Time.

Section VI: Themes . . . Under One Umbrella.

List 130. Allegories.

List 131. Animals: Books and Stories.

List 132. Animals: Poems.

List 133. Authors by Group.

List 134. Banned Authors.

List 135. Banned Books.

List 136. Existentialism.

List 137. Famous People: American Women.

List 138. Famous People: Artists and Composers.

List 139. Famous People: Historic Figures.

List 140. Famous People: Astronauts, Astronomers, and Space Scientists.

List 141. Heroes.

List 142. Heroes: Black (African American).

List 143. Heroines.

List 144. Heroines: Black (African American).

List 145. Holocaust.

List 146. Humor.

List 147. Multicultural Literature.

List 148. Asian Literature.

List 149. Black (African American) Literature.

List 150. Indian (Native American) Authors.

List 151. Indian (Native American) Literature.

List 152. Indian/White Relations: Westerns.

List 153. Latino Literature: Beginnings.

List 154. Latino Writers: 20th Century.

List 155. Religions of the World and Holy Literature.

List 156. Bible (Old and New Testaments).

List 157. Biblical Allusions.

List 158. Biblical Quotations.

List 159. Other Well-Known Christian Teachings.

List 160. Sports.

List 161. Symbols.

List 162. Symbolism in Literature.

List 163. Transcendentalists.

List 164. Utopia/Dystopia.

List 165. Women: Important Writers.

List 166. Women: Genre Literature with Strong Female Characters.

List 167. Women: Novelists and Storytellers.

List 168. Women: Writers on Feminine Issues.

Section VII: More Themes . . . Young Adult Concerns.

List 169. Adoption.

List 170. Child Abuse/Rape.

List 171. Courage.

List 172. Death/Suicide.

List 173. Disability/Illness: Mental.

List 174. Disability/Illness: Physical.

List 175. Drugs/Alcohol.

List 176. Eating Disorders.

List 177. Ecology/Environment.

List 178. Family Relationships.

List 179. Pregnancy/Sex/Teen Love/Unwed Parents.

List 180. School.

List 181. Search for Self/Growing Up.

List 182. War and Disaster.

Section VIII: Literary Periods . . . Into One Era and Out the Other.

List 183. Classicism.

List 184. Literary, Dramatic, and Other Events: Renaissance Period.

List 185. Literary, Dramatic, and Other Events: 1530–1600.

List 186. Literary, Dramatic, and Other Events: 1600–1700.

List 187. Literary, Dramatic, and Other Events: 1700–1800.

List 188. Literary, Dramatic, and Other Events: 1800–1900.

List 189. Literary, Dramatic, and Other Events: 1900–2004.

List 190. English Literature Periods.

List 191. England in the 1300s: Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

List 192. Middle English Period.

List 193. Modern Translation of Middle English Language.

List 194. Neoclassicism.

List 195. The Romantic Period (1786–1832).

List 196. Major American Writers by Literary Periods.

List 197. 1950s Fiction from Around the World.

List 198. 1960s Fiction from Around the World.

List 199. 1970s Fiction from Around the World.4

List 200. 1980s Fiction from Around the World.

List 201. 1990s Fiction from Around the World.

List 202. 2000s Fiction from Around the World.

Section IX: Potpourri . . . Weird, Whimsical, and Worthwhile.

List 203. Book Terminology.

List 204. Daffynitions.

List 205. Humorous Book Titles.

List 206. Pseudonyms of Famous Writers of the World.

List 207. Nicknames and Accolades.

List 208. Prolific Authors.

List 209. Literary Lapses.

List 210. Last Words Spoken by Famous Authors.

List 211. Epitaphs of Authors.

List 212. Weird and Wonderful Tidbits.

List 213. Dewey Decimal Classification System.

List 214. Dewey Decimal Literature Subdivisions.

List 215. Dewey Decimal Breakdowns of Special Interest.

List 216. Library of Congress Classification System.

List 217. “Est” List.

List 218. “Most” and “First” List.

List 219. Get It Straight!

List 220. Reading the Queen’s English.

List 221. Understanding the Queen’s Spelling.

List 222. Foreign Words and Phrases Often Found in Literature.

List 223. Eponyms.

List 224. Oxymora.

List 225. Jargon.

List 226. Puns.

List 227. Careers for People Interested in Literature.

List 228. Magazines Especially for Young People.

List 229. Popular American Magazines.

List 230. GED Test: Literature.

List 231. Text of Selected Famous American Writings.

Section X: Student Activities . . . And Teacher Tips.

List 232. Banning/Censoring Books: Student Activity.

List 233. Book Reporting: Written Activities.

List 234. Book Reporting: Hands-On/Arts and Crafts/Puzzles.

List 235. Book Reporting: Oral Activities.

List 236. Clue Words in Prose: Student Activity.

List 237. Comics: Student Activity.

List 238. Compare and Contrast Book with DVD/Video: Student Activity.

List 239. Dewey Decimal System Practice: Student Activity.

List 240. Essays: Student Activity.

List 241. Fiction Questions: Student Activity.

List 242. Finding Good Books: Student Handout.

List 243. Folk Heroes, Real or Imaginary?: Student Activity.

List 244. Literary Background: Student Questionnaire.

List 245. Reading Preferences: Student Questionnaire.

List 246. Shakespearean Characters: Student Activity.

List 247. The Short Story: Student Activity.

List 248. Topic Sentences of Prose Paragraphs: Student Activity.

List 249. Book Discussions: Teacher Tips.

List 250. Evaluating Literature Texts: Teacher Tips.

List 251. Gifted Children’s Common Traits: Teacher Tips.

List 252. Reading Aloud to Older Students: Teacher Tips.

List 253. Web Sites for Updating Information: Teacher Tips.

List 254. Teacher and Student References.

Answer Key and Teacher Note for Section X.

  • Part of the extremely successful Book of Lists Series.
  • A comprehensive and time-saving resource with over 200 lists for literature teachers at all levels.
  • Offers up-to-date information and new lists on youth concerns, multicultural literature, and teacher suggestions.