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The Literature of Adult Education: A Bibliographic Essay

The Literature of Adult Education: A Bibliographic Essay

Cyril O. Houle

ISBN: 978-1-555-42470-1

Oct 1992, Jossey-Bass

441 pages

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The Literature of Adult Education explores and describes over twelve hundred books in the diverse body of writings on adult education--tracing the development of basic theories and practices, identifying major accomplishments, and documenting the enormous and continuing growth of knowledge in this field. It provides an understanding of the entire field that can help professionals in all areas of adult education recognize a shared identity and find the sources of information and guidance they need to strengthen their own practices.
Part One: Emergence and Growth of the Field and the Literature
1. The History of Adult Education
2. Comprehensive Works on Adult Education
3. The Underlying Concerns of Educators of Adults
4. Adult Learners: Their Nature and Needs
Part Two: The Providers and Goals of Adult Education
5. Providers Created to Educate Children and Youth
6. Providers Created to Educate People of All Ages
7. Providers Created to Educate Adults
8. Goals Related to Formal Systems of Education
9. Goals Related to Aspects of Adult Life
Part Three: The Practice of Adult Education
10. Theory and Program Design
11. Formats and Settings for Adult Learning
Conclusion: Achievements and Future Prospects