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The Little Book of Big Dividends: A Safe Formula for Guaranteed Returns

The Little Book of Big Dividends: A Safe Formula for Guaranteed Returns

Charles B. Carlson, Terry Savage (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-0-470-62538-5 January 2010 208 Pages




Everyone needs to invest, but where do you invest during bear markets?

The massive stock declines over the past year have eroded savings, but this doesn't mean you should stuff your money under a mattress. It needs to be put to work getting some return so that it will grow.

Smart investors will turn to high dividend paying stocks to get a stable and growing stream of income. Dividend investing-that provides an income beyond any gain in the share price-may be the investor's best weapon. Dividends are safe, largely reliable, and maybe at the their cheapest levels in many years. While the best paying dividend stocks of recent years, such as financials, took a huge beating in 2008, opportunities will abound in 2010 and beyond-if you know where to look.

In The Little Book of Big Dividends, dividend stock expert Chuck Carlson presents an action plan for dividend-hungry investors. You'll learn about the pitfalls, how to find the opportunities, and will learn how to construct a portfolio that generates big, safe dividends easily through the BSD (Big, Safe Dividends) formula. If you're a bit adventurous, Carlson has you covered, and will teach you how to find big, safe dividends in foreign stocks, preferred stocks, ETFs, real estate investment trusts, and more.

  • Contains the simple tools, strategies, and recommendations for finding big, safe dividends
  • Helps you put a complete portfolio together that pays dividends every month
  • Show you the top dividend paying stocks with their dividend payment dates

It doesn't get any easier than this, and in these turbulent times, you can't afford to ignore the power of dividends. Read The Little Book of Big Dividends and gain a better perspective of how you can protect yourself for the future.

Foreword xi

Introduction xv

Chapter One The Check Is in the Mail 1

Chapter Two Super Size Me, without the Heartburn 21

Chapter Three If Einstein Was a Dividend Investor 33

Chapter Four The World Is Your Oyster 45

Chapter Five It Pays to Be Direct 61

Chapter Six Postcards from the Hedge 79

Chapter Seven Lifeguard on Duty 93

Chapter Eight Juice Your Portfolio without Striking Out 105

Chapter Nine When DRIPs Become Floods 127

Chapter Ten If You Build It, Dividends Will Come 147

Appendix A Advanced BSD Formula 161

Appendix B The Ultimate Big, Safe Dividend Portfolio 169

Acknowledgments 173

‘…presents an action plan for dividend-hungry investors…’  (The, September 2010).

"This is a book aimed at serious investors who want to shore up their portfolios with a time-tested stock asset. Carlso is a clear writer [and] makes his case very well for the power of dividends.".

“Provides excellent analysis. . . should be an important component of a private wealth adviser’s discussion with clients about sources of long-term investment return and the critical importance of reinvestment in building wealth.  Carlson addresses portfolio diversification and risk management in an accessible way.  Readers will appreciate the manner in which he ‘names names’ to paint a clear picture of how excess returns can be achieved through a simple and time-tested investment formula. He also underscores the need to supplement selection formulas with fundamental research in order to make optimal investment decisions.” (Financial Analysts Journal)