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The Little Book of Emerging Markets: How To Make Money in the World's Fastest Growing Markets

The Little Book of Emerging Markets: How To Make Money in the World's Fastest Growing Markets

Mark Mobius

ISBN: 978-1-118-15383-3

Mar 2012

250 pages



The information you need to invest in emerging markets, in one Little Book

The world's economies are in a state of flux. The traditional dominance of the G7 countries is being challenged by emerging market nations like Brazil and India, and while investment opportunities in these countries abound, the risks can be extremely high. In this Little Book, Mark Mobius, an internationally-renowned expert on emerging market funds, explains the ins and outs of emerging market investment, providing practical guidance on picking industries and companies likely to win, and explaining why policies and regulations matter as much as balance sheets, how to recognize global contenders, techniques for managing risk, and how to get out at the right time.

The emerging markets are expected to be a key driver of future global economic growth, and with The Little Book of Emerging Markets in hand, you have everything you need to take full advantage of these incredible opportunities.

  • Explains how to pick the industries and companies mostly likely to boom, why policies and regulation are key to making intelligent investment decisions, how to recognize genuine opportunities, and much more
  • Includes invaluable techniques for managing your risk
  • Shows you how to get your money in and out of emerging markets without being burned

The Little Book of Emerging Markets is the perfect little guide to the world's most exciting investment opportunities.

Introduction xi

Author's Disclaimer xvi

Chapter One: What Are Emerging Markets?: An Investment Opportunity Not to Be Missed 1

Chapter Two: Top Reasons for Investing in Emerging Markets: Growth and Diversification 9

Chapter Three: Discovering Frontier Markets: Don't Miss the First Mover Advantage 27
Field Note: Kazakhstan 34

Chapter Four: Getting Down to Business: How to Invest in Emerging Markets 37

Chapter Five: Is There a Right Way to Invest?: Comparing Investment Styles 48

Chapter Six: Researching Emerging Markets: Always Keep an Open Mind 57
Field Note: Czech Republic 71

Chapter Seven: The Reality of Risk: And Why Not to Fear It 75

Chapter Eight: Timing Market Factors: Currencies: Why a Crisis Can Be the Best Time to Buy 85
Field Note: South Korea 93

Chapter Nine: It's Called Volatility: What Goes Up Comes Down, and What Goes Down Comes Back Up 97

Chapter Ten: The Importance of Being Contrary: Don’t Follow the Crowd 105

Chapter Eleven: The Big Picture and the Small Picture: A Case Study of Russia 113
Field Note: Russia 126

Chapter Twelve: Pri·va·ti·za·tion: The Trend That Can Bring Huge Opportunities 129

Chapter Thirteen: Boom to Bust: How, When, and Why? 139

Chapter Fourteen: Don't Get Emotional: How to Profit from the Panic 151

Chapter Fifteen: Turning Fear into an Advantage Instead of a Disadvantage: A Case Study of Thailand 161

Chapter Sixteen: The Crisis Bargain Bin: Taking the Long-Term View in the Aftermath
of a Crisis 169

Chapter Seventeen: Overcoming Irrational Market Panic: Learning to Be Objective 181
Field Note: Brazil 191

Chapter Eighteen: The World Belongs to Optimists: Golden Investment Attributes and Rules 197

Acknowledgments 205

About the Author 207