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The Magic of Ceramics, 2nd Edition

David W. Richerson

ISBN: 978-1-118-39230-0 September 2012 320 Pages


Most people would be surprised at how ceramics are used, from creating cellular phones, radio, television, and lasers to its role in medicine for cancer treatments and restoring hearing. The Magic of Ceramics introduces the nontechnical reader to the many exciting applications of ceramics, describing how ceramic material functions, while teaching key scientific concepts like atomic structure, color, and the electromagnetic spectrum. With many illustrations from corporations on the ways in which ceramics make advanced products possible, the Second Edition also addresses the newest areas in ceramics, such as nanotechnology.

Preface & Acknowledgments for the First Edition vii

Preface & Acknowledgments for the Second Edition ix

Foreword to the First Edition, by Bonnie J. Dunbar, Ph.D. xi

Introduction xiii

1 Our Constant Companions 2

2 From Pottery to the Space Shuttle 14

3 The Beauty of Ceramics 34

4 Ceramics and Light 56

5 Amazing Strength 80

6 Ceramics and the Electronics Age 108

7 Piezo Power 132

8 Medical Miracles 148

9 Ceramics and the Modern Automobile 170

10 Heat Beaters 186

11 The Hardest Materials in the Universe 208

12 Energy Conservation and Conversion Efficiency 228

13 From Pollution Control to Zero Pollution 252

14 What’s New and What’s Coming 270

Conclusion 291

About the Author 293

Index 295

“It would be of interest to someone who wants to learn about the history of ceramics, and get a basic understanding of the unique properties that ceramics possess, in an easy and fun way.”  (IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine, 1 September 2013