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The Making of Modern South Africa: Conquest, Apartheid, Democracy, 5th Edition



The Making of Modern South Africa: Conquest, Apartheid, Democracy, 5th Edition

Nigel Worden

ISBN: 978-0-470-65633-4 January 2012 Wiley-Blackwell 224 Pages


The new edition of The Making of Modern South Africa provides a comprehensive, current introduction to the key themes and debates concerning the history of this controversial country. Engagingly written, the author provides a sharp, analytical overview of the new South Africa. 

  • Examines the major issues in South Africa's history, from pre-colonial to present, including colonial conquest; the establishment of racism, segregation, and apartheid; resistance movements; and the eventual founding of democracy
  • Contains an additional final chapter that takes the story to the present and considers the challenges and compromises of the first two decades of democracy
  • Updated with material on post-apartheid era and current issues in South Africa
  • The only book that gives direct guidance to bibliographical material and readings on key debates
  • Provides a sharp, analytical overview of the new South Africa
  • Extensive references are given to the key writings on each topic and the debates between scholars
List of Maps x

Outline Chronology xi

Acknowledgments xviii

Acronyms xix

1 Introduction: The Changing History of South Africa 1

2 The Conquest of the Land 9

3 Changes in Town and Countryside 39

4 White Supremacy, Segregation and Apartheid 73

5 The Heyday of Apartheid 104

6 The Decline and Fall of Apartheid 131

7 The ‘New South Africa’ 156

Bibliography 170

Index 194

Praise for previous editions:

"A masterly summary of the major themes which have gone into the making of modern South Africa and of the debates which historians have had about them. It is clear and succinct; marvellously well-researched; absolutely up-to-date; and easily accessible to the general reader. It is at once the best book of its kind available."
Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History

"Nigel Worden's book has a good chronology, excellent bibliography and it certainly enriches the literature on South Africa."
Africa World Review

"Good, scholarly one-volume overviews of South African history are not plentiful. The Making of Modern South Africa, is already proving invaluable to students and lecturer alike because it is so up to date... the book is admirably organized, remarkably comprehensive and bound to be widely used."
The English Historical Review

"Worden's presentation is always erudite and balanced. He is to be congratulated in providing a masterly history of modern South Africa which should have a wide audience"
The Australian Association for Maritime History

"It is well written and balanced in its presentation of the South African history, such as the inclusion of the importance of gender and environmental history."
West Africa

" A penetrating analysis of the forces that have shaped South Africa, and written in a style that is engaging."
Cape Times

 "That Worden explains the major themes in South African history ... while remaining concise, readable and balanced, is quite an achievement for a book that can serve as an excellent introductory text for history and political courses on modern South Africa."
Journal of Modern African Studies