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The Making of a Mediator: Developing Artistry in Practice

The Making of a Mediator: Developing Artistry in Practice

Michael D. Lang, Alison Taylor

ISBN: 978-1-118-50302-7

Jul 2012, Jossey-Bass

288 pages



The Making of a Mediator goes beyond the basics of mediation process. In this essential resource, expert mediator and teacher Michael Lang outlines his innovative model of artistry in professional practice that results from the understanding of and connection between reflective practice and interactive process. Together with Allison Taylor, they have created a landmark book that offers conflict resolution professionals the theories, principles, practices, and ideas for developing true artistry in mediation.

The Authors.


Developing Artistry.

The Hallmarks of Artistry.

Integrating Artistry into Practice.


Finding Your Formulation.

Mapping Your Constellation of Theories.

Putting Reflection into Practice.


Combining the Elements of Interactive Process.

Critical Moments in Interaction.

Finding and Keeping the Flow.

Conclusion: Expanding Artistry in Our Professional Life.


Additional Resources.

"The Making of a Mediator has been worth waiting for. This work provides a structure and methodology for those committed to the artful practice of mediation, or for that matter, the pursuit of any profession." (Robert D. Benjamin, M.S.W., J.D., Mediation and Conflict Management Services)

"Michael Lang and Alison Taylor lead us on a journey inside the mediator's head, charting territory and options previously undiscovered by most mediators. They offer assistance to all mediators to take their practice and mediation itself to the next level. Bravo!" (James C. Melamed, J.D., cofounder, Mediation Information and Resource Center)

"In this book, practicing mediators will learn how to unleash talents they didn't know they had and how to keep replicating their successes for years to come." (Sylvia McMechan, professor, Master of Arts Program in Conflict Analysis and Management at Royal Roads University; former executive director, The Network)

"An engaging and easy-to-use manual for all peacemakers and conflict resolvers to further their own and others' practices. I encourage every practitioner and trainer to incorporate these tools into their practices." (Juliana Birkhoff, director, Center for Research and Education, RESOLVE)