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The Management Team Handbook: Five Key Strategies for Maximizing Group Performance

The Management Team Handbook: Five Key Strategies for Maximizing Group Performance

Marie G. McIntyre

ISBN: 978-0-787-93973-1 May 1998 Jossey-Bass 288 Pages


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A New Resource for a New Kind of Leadership Whether you focus on the departmental level or on the top executive suite, the ability to transform groups of managers into effective management teams is critical to ongoing success. How can those team members ensure they're performing to their full potential? "Read [this handbook] once for enlightenment, then use it again and again to build teams that are truly high-performance." -- Don Howard, vice president of human resources, National Data Corporation You'll get what you need to:

* Identify the barriers to management teamwork
* Assess management team performance
* Face special circumstances, such as new team member selection . . . and much more!
You'll use the flexible Team Model, the scores of action steps, and the wide variety of assessment tools to help your teams achieve maximum performance.
Preface Acknowledgements The Author
Introduction: The Challenge of Developing a Management Team
Part One: Creating a Leadership Team
1. Five Key Strategies for Marketing Team Success
2. Strategic Goals: How to Establish Direction for Your Organization
3. Extensive Networks: How to Connect with Sources of Information
4. Collaborative Relationships: How to Deveolop Cooperation Among Departments
5. Effective Information Processing: How to Make Good Group Decisions
6. Focused Action: How to Move from Discussion to Results
Part Two: Management Team Maintenance
7. Keeping the Team Productive
8. Selecting New Team Members
9. Managing Team Transitions
10. Fixing a Sick Team
Conclusion: Twelve Guiding Principles for High Performance
References Index