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The Manager's Guide to Counselling at Work

The Manager's Guide to Counselling at Work

Michael Reddy

ISBN: 978-0-901-71570-8 January 1991 146 Pages


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This book shows how counselling should be done, with examples for line and personnel managers, administrators and union officials. The techniques of counselling are presented in a straightforward, though not simplistic way, and the business of counselling is related throughout the book to the realities of organisational life.
1. Counselling at Work.

Section One: What Counselling Is and How It Works.

2. The Background to Counselling.

3. The Three Phases of Couselling.

4. "Counsellors" and "Clients".

Section Two: The Skills of Counselling.

5. Active Listening

6. Respect

7. Genuineness.

8. Counsellor Qualities.

9. Techniques of Phase I.

10. Phase I Example.

11. What Phase II Does.

12. Second-Level Listening.

13. Other Skills of Phase II.

14. Cautions.

15. Phase II Example -- Connie.

16. Completing the Process.

17. The Skills of Phase III.

18. Phase III Example -- "Redundancy Counselling".

Section Three: Counselling and the Organization.

19. The Context of Counselling.

20. Role Conflict in Counselling.

21. Counselling Services.

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