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The Manager's Guide to Financial Statement Analysis, 2nd Edition

The Manager's Guide to Financial Statement Analysis, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-471-40274-9

Feb 2001

288 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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Praise for The Manager's Guide to Financial Statement Analysis

"The Manager's Guide to Financial Statement Analysis opens the door for both financial and nonfinancial managers to develop a framework for understanding a company's true financial performance. The Manager's Guide goes the extra step by providing the reader with the skills necessary to communicate the impact of a firm's financial measures in a nontraditional, easy-to-understand manner. It is this combination of understanding and effective communication that allows the manager to then improve a firm through the use of financial information."-Christopher D. Flick, Investment Manager, The Vanguard Group

"The Manager's Guide to Financial Statement Analysis has helped me in both my personal (investing) and professional (management) lives. The authors unravel the complexities of financial statements so that the information they contain can be easily digested and exploited. There is no more hiding a company's strategy behind a set of financial statements. I keep this book close at hand!"-Steven I. Glusman, Chief Engineer, Comanche Helicopter Program, Boeing Rotorcraft Program Management Center

"A valuable framework for communicating firm results and aligning managers around common goals. The methodology links the information contained in a company's financial statements with its external market performance in a format that is easily understandable by the different functional managers of any company."-Scott Teeter, The LTC Group




Financial Statements and Business Strategy.

Strategic Profit Model: Margin Management.

Strategic Profit Model: Asset Management.

Strategic Profit Model: Return on Assets.

Strategic Profit Model: Financial Management.

Strategic Profit Model: Comprehensive Management.

Strategic Financing Model: Long-Term Investment and Financing.

Strategic Financing Model: Financing the Business.


Market Valuation: Market Performance Measures.

Market Valuation: Long-Term Debt.

Market Valuation: Common Stock.

Market Valuation: Strategic Profit Model Revisited.

Appendices: Case Studies.

Introduction to Case Studies.

Appendix A: Dell Computer Corporation.

Appendix B: Pfizer, Inc.

Appendix C: Cisco Systems.

"...its great strength is that it simplifies the crucial determinants of company performance without drowning the reader in accounting jargon." (Company Accountant, April 2002)