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The Many Facets of the Universe: Revelations by New Instruments

The Many Facets of the Universe: Revelations by New Instruments

Siegfried Röser (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61903-0 January 2008 353 Pages


Volume 19 continues the Reviews in Modern Astronomy with invited reviews and highlight contributions which were presented during the International Scientific Conference of the Astronomical Society on the topic "The Many Facets of the Universe - Revelations by New Instruments", held at the University of Cologne, Germany, September 26 - October 1, 2005.
The contributions to the meeting published in this volume discuss, among other subjects, astrochemistry, astrobiology, cosmology, star and planet formation, and present overviews on new instruments in the infrared and sub-millimeter wavelength range.
Highlight: Karl-Schwarzschild-Lecture by G. A. Tammann (Basel) "The Ups and downs of the Hubble constant".
Karl Schwarzschild Lecture:
The Ups and Downs of the Hubble Constant
By G. Andreas Tammann (With 12 Figures).

Ludwig Biermann Award Lecture:
High-Velocity Clouds and the Local Intergalactic Medium
By Philipp Richter (With 10 Figures).

Talk in honor of Albrecht Unsöld’s 100th anniversary:
Physics of stellar atmospheres – new aspects of old problems
By Bodo Baschek.

The circumstellar environment of asymptotic giant branch stars
By Hans Olofsson (With 19 Figures).

Stellar evolution of massive stars at very low metallicities
By Raphael Hirschi et al. (With 10 Figures).

Multi-dimensional numerical simulations of type Ia supernova explosions
By F. K. Röpke (With 7 Figures).

The Formation of Turbulent Molecular Clouds: A Modeler’s View
By Fabian Heitsch (With 6 Figures).

Astrochemistry and Star Formation: Successes and Challenges
By Eric Herbst (With 2 Figures).

Protoplanetary Disks and embedded Planets
ByWilhelm Kley (With 9 Figures).

Search for life in the Universe – What can we learn from our own Biosphere?
By Gerda Horneck (With 5 Figures).

GQ Lup and its companion
By E.W. Guenther (With 7 Figures).

Progress and Perspectives in Solid State Astrophysics – From ISO to Herschel
By Thomas Posch et al. (With 11 Figures).

German LOFAR – A New Era in Radio Astronomy
By Marcus Brüggen, Rainer Beck and Heino Falcke (With 6 Figures).

SOFIA: The Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy
By Jürgen Stutzki (With 11 Figures).

Astronomy with CARMA – Raising Our Sites
By Anneila Sargent and Douglas Bock (With 8 Figures).

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