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The Market Value Process: Bridging Customer & Shareholder Value

The Market Value Process: Bridging Customer & Shareholder Value

Alan S. Cleland, Albert V. Bruno

ISBN: 978-0-787-90275-9

Aug 1996, Jossey-Bass

244 pages

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Discover a unique, cross-functional approach to developing strategy

Earn the loyalty of your customers and the allegiance of your shareholders at the same time. The Market Value Process provides a groundbreaking, practical approach to linking customer and shareholder value in a marketplace where price-cutting is king. It details a twelve-step framework for determining how well customer needs are being met, building strategies for meeting those needs, and ensuring those strategies create enough customer and shareholder value to work successfully. With new thoughts on topics such as teamwork and core competencies, this book defines a general management and financial approach to strategy building every executive should consider.
PrefaceThe Authors
Part One: Introduction and Principles
1. Using the Market Value Process
2. Learning the Principles
Part Two: The Diagnosis
3. Winning Customers with Creative Market Definition
4. Using Scenarios to Envision Market Evolution
5. Will the Market Reward Your Investment?
6. Delivering Quality Through Product and Non-product Benefits
7. Pricing to Please Customers and Shareholders
8. Managing Internal Costs
Part Three: The Bridge
9. Building Profitable Precision Strategies
Part Four: The Payoff
10. Mapping Poststrategy Customer Value
11. Envisioning Revenue Growth
12. Mapping Shareholder Value
13. Selecting Strategies, Setting Objectives, and Allocating Resources
14. Implementing Presicion Strategies
AppAndix: An Overview of a Precision Strategy