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The Marketing Plan, 5th Edition

The Marketing Plan, 5th Edition

William A. Cohen

ISBN: 978-0-471-75529-6

Dec 2005

350 pages

Select type: Paperback

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The Marketing Plan, 5th Edition gives students the knowledge, tools, and techniques they need to develop marketing plans like the pros. Throughout the text, step-by-step procedures guide students through each phase in creating marketing plans??from scanning the environment and establishing goals and objectives, to developing marketing strategies and tactics, to presenting and implementing the plan, and everything in between.

This text is not just a how-to book; it also explains the importance of a well-formulated marketing plan and encourages student participation through activities. Moreover, it contains seven actual student marketing plans which can be used as models.

This text can be used as a supplement to another text, or as a stand-alone in a Principles of Marketing, Marketing Management, Strategic Marketing, Entrepreneurship, or Internet Marketing course.

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Chapter 1. Planning the Development of a Marketing Plan.

Chapter 2. Scanning Your Environment.

Chapter 3. Establishing Goals and Objectives.

Chapter 4. Developing Marketing Strategy.

Chapter 5. Developing Marketing Tactics.

Chapter 6. Forecasting for Your Marketing Plan.

Chapter 7. Calculating Important Financial Ratios for Your Marketing Plan.

Chapter 8. Presenting the Marketing Plan.

Chapter 9. Implementation.

Appendix A: Sample Marketing Plans.

Appendix B: Sources of Secondary Research.

Appendix C: Examples of Simple Marketing Research and a Marketing Research Checklist.

Appendix D: How to Lead a Tam.

Appendix E: The Concept and Application of Marketing Strategy.Appendix.

Appendix F: Useful Worksheets for Market Planning.

Appendix G: Useful Web Site that can Help You Develop a Marketing Plan.


  • 3 New marketing plans added.
  • 20 new work sheets all also available online at to help students with information that may be needed for marketing plan such as:
    • Developing profiles of target markets
    • Establishing an advertising and publicity budget
    • Quick go/no-go new product checklist
  • New Appendix: Useful Internet Sites for Marketing Planning
  • Step-by-step approach for producing a professional marketing plan.
  • Time-saving forms for a variety of marketing planning tasks, such as defining the target market and making decisions about products using a portfolio approach.
  • Actual student plans prepared in the classroom.
  • Proven classroom-tested method for teaching basic marketing ideas, incorporating accounting, finance, and management principles, and translating those ideas and principles into a finished plan.